Amanda’s Pony Tail Beanie Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

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It is with great delight we share this amazing fresh new pattern with you – for free!  Now you can make your own pony tail beanie!

Lovely Amanda Spooner has made this herself, on behalf of Garney Spooner Wool Shop in Whanganui.  Now let me stop there and take a moment to acknowledge just how wonderful this lady is, and how much she is adored by not only her local community – but by me also.  There are only a few times in your life that you will meet someone as spectacular as Amanda, and what a privilege it is to be collabing with her in this woolly world we work in.

So here we have her first official pattern release – but just so you know, we haven’t seen all her work just yet… there is more coming!

Ok onwards for the cutest little pattern ever!  One size fits most from child to adult.


1 x ball of Sumptuous 3 Light Worsted / DK weight, 75grm or 2.6 ounces = 150m or 164 yards

4.5mm (US7) straight needles or can be worked on circulars on a 60cm cable or 23.5″

Darning Needle

Stitches used:

K = Knit, P = Purl, tog = together, st = stitch


Cast on 88 stitches in your preferred method – just don’t make them to tight 🙂


Row 1:  K
Row 2 to 12: K2, P2
Row 13 to 16: K
Row 17 to 18: P2,K2
Row 19 to 22: K
Row 23 to 24: K2,P2
Row 25 to 28: K
Row 29 to 30 : P2,K2
Row 31 to 34 : K
Row 35 to 36: K2,P2
Row 37 to 38: K
Row 39 : K3, K2tog, *K7, K2tog rep from * to last st (78 stitches)
Row 40: K
Row 41: P2,K2
Row 42: K2,P2
Row 43 to 44: K
Row 45: K3, k2tog,  *K5, K2tog rep from * to last st (67 stitches)
Row 46: P2,K2, purl last 2 stitches together
Row 47: K2, P2
Row 48 to 49: K
Row 50: K2, K2tog,  *K3, K2tog * to last st
Row 51: K
Row 52: K2, K2tog to end


Seam up the back and leave the top open for your messy bun / pony tail.  Sew in your ends and do a little happy dance!

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