Who is behind The Woven Co?

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Who is behind The Woven Co?

Well thanks for asking, it’s me!  My name is Michelle and I love knitting.  I also love seeing others knit and create.  That’s how this whole thing started – that and I wanted to create a positive and inspiring place to shop for knitting supplies.  Then I focused on the quality of my products and most importantly the sourcing of them locally…. If you are going to make something by hand, let it be glorious!  But I digress, let me share a bit more about myself with you.

I live with my Husband, small child, big dog and a somewhat fickle cat here in this alpine paradise, Lake Wanaka NZ.  We have a wonderful active life enjoying the mountains, trails, bike paths and parks, lake and people in this magical town – you should come visit.  Really.

As a young impatient girl, my beautiful Nana taught me to knit.  Mum knit too, although I think with her time constraints she had mixed emotions with her projects and results.  Later in life Mum knit for my infant son, and this remains one of the most treasured things I have ever owned (sadly Mum left us when my son was just 6 months old).  Knitting can transport me back to sitting with my Nana in the sunshine of her room, chatting and knitting (her chatting, me concentrating).  It was such a wonderful thing to do together.  I was pretty average at it, and Nana would pick up the needles and zoom a few rows in to get things moving and functioning better.  I loved knitting with Nana, at this point I think I was around 6 or 7.  By 10 I was determined to knit my own jumper, and luckily the 80’s fashion of big knits made this more achievable.  It was quite an undertaking but I got it done.  Secretly both Mum and Nana worked on the project for me, but I loved that too.

I have knit my whole life, sometimes taking long breaks, but always returning.  As a young adult it embarrassed my boyfriend (well I would knit in his race car on the way to the track), surprised my friends and even created such a contrast to my personality, some people couldn’t fathom it.  But it always centred me, focused my mind and healed my energy.  I guess at the heart of it, I am like most knitters; an introvert.  Many would disagree with this, as yes I am loud, energetic and social.  Get over it.

Knitting took on a creative outlet for me, I always wanted to modify patterns, challenge design and fundamentally do things my way.  Different.  Not like anyone else.  So getting into  freestyle knitting just happened – yes I knit without a pattern – but the cool thing is I can teach you too.  Ah the freedom!  Sure it can be scary, yes there can be mistakes – but what a wonderful journey.  So you see, The Woven has been inevitable my whole lifetime – I just didn’t know it.

I started the business in May 2015, and genuinely had no idea where it would lead.  But here we are and the development is still happening, every day.  I have been described as relentless, this is fair.  Passionate, sure, driven, sounds serious, but I would say I’m just motivated and happy doing something to share such a important part of my soul with you.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you are inspired and successful in your knitting.





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