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On a wee trip over to Sydney to see my other family, I wanted to make something quickly on the 3 hour flight.  I packed a pair of 5mm needles with 60cm circular cable and one ball of Sumptuous… then I sat back and waited for a little inspiration to flow in my mind.  My mind drifted back to the lavender in my garden in full swing, filled with bees and buzzy bees, so happy and vibrant.  Off on a thought trail my brain went, about how my two “sisters” and I were like little bees buzzing off on our adventures and now all heading back to the hive for the weekend.  So the concept was born.
Enjoy this fast easy knit, sizing up and down to suit all the buzzing craniums in your life.


1 x Ball of Sumptuous 75grm / 150m (my sample only used 47g)
Featured colour is Star

5 mm (US8) circulars on a 60cm cable or 23.5″

Round Marker


Cast on 72 stitches (for the size in my sample, I have a little head though… so for bigger craniums and/or tight knitters, please cast on 76.  If you are knitting for smaller humans, please drop the cast on quantity in 4’s…. ie knitting for my 7YO I would take 8 stitches off and cast on 64)

I like the longtail method for the stretch.  If you are using the knit-on method, please be mindful to keep them loose, you don’t want a toight head!

Knit one row straight.

Join in the round and place a round marker (careful not to twist your stitches)


Knit 2, Purl 2 (K2, P2) around
Working the rounds until you have desired length.  My shown sample is 5cm, If you would like to fold up the band, work about 10cm


To create the hive (or teacosy) effect:
Purl 5 rounds
knit 4 rounds

Working the hat up to your desired length, the crown shaping will be done on the purl rounds.  The sample I worked 14cm after the band, but as I mentioned, I have a little head.  If you want a more slouched look, or there is a lot of hair to go in the hat, just make it bigger.  I worked 5 repeats of the pattern.


Best performed in a purl block:
Round one: Purl
Round two: Purl
Round three: Purl 2together around (36 stitches)
Round four: Purl 2together around (18 stitches)
Round five: Purl 2together around (9 stitches)

Break yarn and thread through final stitches and pull closed.  Tie off.


Sew in your ends, make a pompom if you fancy or find something furry to put on top.  I think the soft gathered crown effect sits pretty well without a pommy, but you decide what works for you.





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