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So happy to see knitting trends in our Winter Olympics 2018, from the coach knitting to this stunning knit hat that gold medal winning Chloe Kim rocked for Team USA.  Officially dubbed the Chloe Kim Hat or #ChloeKimHat it is an easy fast chunky knit beanie and I just happen to have a brand new chunky yarn to make it with!

Let me share this quick and easy pattern with you! – Check out the Knit Kit Here or shop for JOY chunky yarn here





Knit on 12mm needles (in the round)

Super Chunky Yarn (gauge tip: 6.5stitches and 10.5rows to 10cm)

Cast On:

Cast on 28 Stitches (I like the long tail cast on for a good structure).  For extra large craniums cast on 32
Keep your cast on loose to stop the beanie being tight.  Join in the round.


You’ll be knitting in the round, with a K1P1 rib around.  Work until your hat measures around 21 cm for a smaller turn up cuff (like my photo), I found this to be 19 rounds.  You can work longer for a longer turn up, to say 25cm.


Finishing will be done over 2 rounds of K2tog around, decreasing to 14 stitches (16 for XL), then to 7 (8 for XL).. before threading through stitches and pulling tight.  Secure this with a good strong knot.


You’ll need to thread your ends, and possibly add a pom pom – a floppy loose styled one.  I made mine by wrapping loops around my wire clothes dryer rack.  You really just want to make sure the pom has length – around 12 to 14cm.  You could ask a friend to stick out a finger from each hand about 13 cm apart and loop between them.  Wrap a good amount and then tightly tie the middle before snipping the loops each end.  Make sure you secure your pom pom well, so it doesn’t fly off snowboarding 🙂


Chloe Kim Knit Beanie Free Pattern

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  • Sheila

    Beautiful! Which yarn did you use?

  • Michelle Stewart

    Thanks! It is my new secret chunky yarn, just in the final stages of design and production… It will be released in the next few weeks 🙂

  • Sheila

    Oh nice. Keep us posted!

  • Marie Schlesinger

    I love this hat. How much chunky yarn do I need to purchase. I don’t see that in the directions. Thank you!

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hi Marie!

    I used 200grms / 80m of JOY chunky yarn xxx

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