Easy (Beginner Knit) Neck Warmer Snood – Free Knitting Pattern

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Looking to make your first knit, or make something easy while you Netflix?  Perfect!  Here is a knit-every-stitch one-ball-wonder!  Customise to your own length, one ball of Sumptuous makes the perfect neck warmer length, more yarn = more length.  This would be great to use up your left overs and have something stripy you can double (or triple) loop.  Fun!


1 x ball of Sumptuous 3 Light Worsted / DK weight, 75grm or 2.6 ounces = 150m or 164 yards (or more for longer length)

5.5mm (US9) circulars on a 60cm cable or 23.5″

Darning Needle


Cast on 42 stitches – I like the longtail method for the stretch.  If you are using the knit-on method, please be mindful to keep them loose, you want to sew this edge later, so it needs to be nice and flat.


You will be working garter stitch, which is to knit every stitch / every row.  However to create a nice tidy edge line, we want to slip the first stitch “purl wise”.  You can look this up on YouTube, but the premise is to insert your right needle into the first stitch on the left needle, as if to purl.  Instead of working the stitch, you move it across the right needle unprocessed.  Then reorientate your yarn through the needles to start knitting.  Slip the first stitch of every row this way.

Work until your desired length – you can audition this around your neck.  I found one ball of Sumptuous comfortable made a 50cm (19.5″) length.

Cast off, keep it loosey goosey so as not to pucker the edge.


You will need to seam your cast on and cast off edge together – wont matter if it’s not perfect, it’s handmade after all.

DONE!  Wear up high around your neck and chin, pull it up even higher on wintery days, fold lower for a more cosmopolitan look.  Sweet as 🙂

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