Scraggle Scarf (Knee and Baby Blanket) – Free Knitting Pattern

It has been on my mind to make an "easy" level knitting project that would suit a bunch of people in a bunch of different situations.  My mind always goes back to the times I sat beside in the hospital, feeling comforted by my hands working a steady rhythm on the needles.  There are times [...]

Elle-Gator (Hat + Neck-warmer) Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

Elle-Gator (Hat + Neckwarmer) is our free knitting pattern for beginners In the face of all that is overwhelming and out of our control, we here at The Woven Co have been focused on creating easy and accessible patterns so we can get knitting. Introducing; The Elle-Gator Elle (said Ellie) was my room mate here [...]

Simple Couch Cuddler – Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

Simple Couch Cuddler is our free knitting pattern for beginners Simple knitting patterns are the best knitting patterns, in my opinion. Sometimes we want to drift off in the rhythms of plain or knit stitch, and sometimes we that are new or returning to knitting need a gorgeous and easy knitting pattern.  So meet our [...]

Bumble Beanie Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

On a wee trip over to Sydney to see my other family, I wanted to make something quickly on the 3 hour flight.  I packed a pair of 5mm needles with 60cm circular cable and one ball of Sumptuous... then I sat back and waited for a little inspiration to flow in my mind.  My [...]

Sunday Adventure Beanie Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

Kicking off the monthly design challenge for August 2019, working with our refined and elegant NZ Merino wool; Smooth... I bring you this cheeky little beanie. Perfect for all your adventures, and a one size fits most design... this is fast, easy, knitting that gets a great result.  Enjoy the texture contrast AND the colour [...]

Amanda’s Pony Tail Beanie Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

It is with great delight we share this amazing fresh new pattern with you - for free!  Now you can make your own pony tail beanie! Lovely Amanda Spooner has made this herself, on behalf of Garney Spooner Wool Shop in Whanganui.  Now let me stop there and take a moment to acknowledge just how [...]

One T Beanie Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

Inspired by all the activity in our knitting community for The Woven DYO (Design Your Own) pattern using 1 to 2 balls of Sumptuous, I found myself busting out a cheeky little beanie hat pattern from just one ball. Beanies, or knitted hats if you prefer, are always useful - making them the perfect quick [...]

The Woven Braided River Ear Warmer – Free Knitting Pattern

Looking for a cheeky little knit to work with just one little Sumptuous Piccolo from The Woven?  This pattern needs only 25grms and it's quick and fun!  Enjoy 🙂 Materials: 25grm Sumptuous by The Woven (one piccolo) Knit flat on 5mm (US size 8) Darning needle Cable needle 2 x stitch markers Gauge: Approx. 22 [...]

Easy (Beginner Knit) Neck Warmer Snood – Free Knitting Pattern

Looking to make your first knit, or make something easy while you Netflix?  Perfect!  Here is a knit-every-stitch one-ball-wonder!  Customise to your own length, one ball of Sumptuous makes the perfect neck warmer length, more yarn = more length.  This would be great to use up your left overs and have something stripy you can […]

Squishy Thick Knitted Beanie Winter Hat – Free Pattern

Our latest free knitting pattern for yourself or a gift…Knitting warm squishy hats is my go to, they are easy and with thick wool they knit up super quick… but what if you don’t have chunky wool on hand?  Never fear, you can take your worsted / DK wool and work two strands together, thus […]

Chloe Kim Olympic Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

So happy to see knitting trends in our Winter Olympics 2018, from the coach knitting to this stunning knit hat that gold medal winning Chloe Kim rocked for Team USA.  Officially dubbed the Chloe Kim Hat or #ChloeKimHat it is an easy fast chunky knit beanie and I just happen to have a brand new […]

Tri-Colour Easy Knit Baby Blanket – Free Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern…Fancy a wonderfully quick and easy knit project?   Well here you go!  She’s fun, fresh… and she’s easy and quick!  Using just 3 balls of Sumptuous yarn (a gentle blend of soft Polwarth wool and Alpaca fibre), you’ll love how fast this project grows. Enjoy! THE WOVEN TRI-COLOUR EASY KNIT BLANKET PATTERN […]

Wee Noggin – Free Baby Hat Knit Pattern

Knitted beanies, hats, headwarmers, tammies or whatever you prefer to call them, are a staple in any wardrobe, and an absolute necessity for a baby. This pattern was created as a quick simple knit, and also a template for creative design. Enjoy! Working with The Woven’s new yarn; Sumptuous, you can easily bring in pops […]

Simple Knit Slipper Booties Free Pattern

Quick little fun foot warmers, the ultimate in cozy winter accessories…. Who doesn’t love a knitted slipper? Add on the playful ankle cuff for a fun and cozy bootie for around the house. I’ve even got an option to knit on to sheepskin soles. The cuff with horseshoe cable is knitted first, then the bootie. […]

Learn to Knit Boyfriend Beanie

Learn to Knit Boyfriend Beanie is a simple pattern for the new to knitters, and a fast easy project for the more seasoned. The beanie is a perfect size for both the boys and girls, and you can make it smaller fitting too. The Woven Bold, brights and basics…choosing the perfect yarn is always part [...]

Simple Bunny Free Knitting Pattern

Super cute little bunny pattern, fun and simple! This is not an original idea or pattern… but here are some simple instructions for you to follow and make your own little bunny! THE WOVEN SIMPLE BUNNY   Materials 4mm up to 6 mm needles, use what you’ve got and can be knit on 60/80cm length [...]

The Woven Large Baby Blanket

Smooth Twist Merino you continue to rock my world!  So full, crisp and wonderful, plus you are machine washable... Such lively colours, I could help but bring these three strong elements together for the ultimate baby blanket. This pattern makes a wonderful large sized blanket from 9 balls of The Woven's Smooth Twist Merino. The [...]

Textured Baby Blanket

I love texture, so why not feature a thick lush yarn in wonderful textured stitches! We all love Merino, no doubt…. But have you met his cousin Polwarth?                   This is a seriously soft and full yarn, the loft is incredible. Once you’ve held this yarn in […]

The Woven Colour Twist Baby Blanket

This is our second blanket from the ever popular yarn; The Woven Smooth Twist Merino. This is an exciting collection of interesting colours… Making up a larger baby blanket with finished size approx 650 x 800mm         The Woven developed this pattern to use interesting and bold colours suitable for all nurseries. […]

The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie

Classic squares with a modern twist. This is the perfect blanket for your youngen or your lap.   Life is so much better when we knit beautiful yarn. Even more satisfying is creating something delightfully enjoyable like a snuggly squishy alpaca blanket. This piece is designed to be an easy, fun knit that finishes in […]

The Woven Ellen Hat

Great pleasure comes from creating something simple yet beautiful. It’s been on my mind to make a wonderful soft and enjoyable, yet super fast and simple hat. A hat we all can all enjoy. The perfect project and the perfect gift. Something for guys and gals, one size fits most, easy to wear and completely […]

The Vermonter

It’s an alpine kind of winter! Bust out the pom-poms, look out mountain… here we come! Alpine winters should be filled with ski jumpers, mulled wine and pom-pom hats. Hence why we’ve got a nifty little pattern to make the ultimate beanie for snow fun! Knit in the Woven’s Super Soft & Chunky, a fast […]

The Woven Simple Baby Blanket

The Woven Simple Baby Blanket – Free Pattern We recommend this pattern as beginner, suitable for the knitter who can knit, cast on and off. It is knit flat on circular needles. Finished blanket is around 50cm x 60 to 70cm This pattern was developed as an original pattern by Michelle Stewart  Materials required: Knit […]

The Woven Giant Snood

Making the perfect piece with the right yarn is knitting serendipity. Take a deep breath, here we go… Introducing a stunning NZ roving yarn in super bulky format, a wonderful blend of alpaca and NZ wool to snuggle up in. Now meet its perfect friend the Giant Snood…. We here at The Woven love bringing […]

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