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The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and blogging around the ideas of mental health since the start of the year. That’s because we truly believe that knitting has a whole world of benefits to offer those who struggle with the terrible (and all too frequently invisible) effects that anxiety and mental stress can have. We know how crippling they can be from personal experience. We’ve also seen too many incredible people being isolated and weighed down by the stress of living in a fast paced world where things constantly seem to be changing. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why events unfold as they do.

It’s also becoming increasingly evident that far from humans learning to cope with the constant changing of the times, anxiety, depression and work-related stress levels are at an all-time high. We are constantly bombarded with new information, processes and ideologies – all of these competing for our attention on a range of different (and often invasive) platforms. With the explosion of social media and the fact that businesses can now have access to our personal information, our lives have become so much more exposed to the outside world. Personal identities can become lost in a sea of Instagram snaps that depict only happy memories and it is easy to see why we may feel like we don’t stack up to our contemporaries.

A lack of actual, standing-in-front-of-you, looking-into-your-eyes contact with each other and with our natural surroundings has left many feeling displaced and isolated – and its not hard to see why. As humans, we’re hardwired to look for patterns. Our brains are constantly searching for reason, so we know how to adapt our behaviour to survive and thrive. We’ve evolved to create homesteads and shared ideologies, build cities and cultures that are based in thousands of years of reiteration and repetition. We’ve been told to strive towards ‘settling down’ and conforming to the safe, tested formulae for a happy life.

However, there is another inherently human characteristic that is in direct conflict with this – the constant need to progress. Throughout humanity, no civilisation has ever been content to just ‘be’. And why would they? It just wouldn’t feel right.

However, we are currently in a changeover period. Our brains, lifestyles and ideologies of what ‘a happy life is’ have not yet adjusted to this more online landscape.

This constant need to do things better, faster, cheaper– it’s all happened over such a short period of time that the map that outlines the ethics and strategies for how to navigate a day to day existence seems to have been forgotten. There are no cultural or social systems in place to fall back on when you don’t know what to do.

And it can feel overwhelming at times.

How do you stop the constant marching on of the times? How do you reclaim just a little bit of yourself and your time in a world that’s constantly pushing you to reveal yourself to it?

This is where we think (we know) knitting can help.

Over our next few blogs, we’re going to be looking at the following topics – they are 3 big ones that we feel can help a lot of people:

  • How knitting can help calm anxious minds and bodies

  • How knitting can help ease the mental strain for those who find themselves isolated or imprisoned by health problems or other physical and mental barriers

  • How knitting can help us reconnect with our true selves, so we can live a healthier, happier and more authentic life

These topics are really close to our hearts and we’re so excited to share our thoughts with you. We really think this knitting thing can do a lot of good if you give it a try.

So keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be posting a new part to the series every few weeks.

Lots of love and happy knitting!


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