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Knit Challenge CREATIVITY



Choose from one of 3 popular patterns and knit your own take on the design, this could be shaping or sizing adjustment, use of colour, addition of features, textures… well you can just go wild really!

Share your CREATIVITY in the Free Range Knitters for community voting, we will be doing final voting the weekend of the 15th May.

All you need to do is grab your pattern and Sumptuous from a participating store* and get your knit on!
Share your ideas and updates to our community, the more you share the more people will know your story when it’s time to VOTE.
The winner will grab themselves a $100 voucher to spend at the Store* where their wools came from, yuss!

Ok ok, so you probably wondering where this mad cat idea came from, and I would like to thank the lovely Monique from Revology here in Wanaka, who not only took up knitting to make an ERYN Jumper, but she did it like a total free ranger, and added her own flair…

So cool!  So that got me thinking – and we all know how dangerous that can be hahahaha…. So here we go, we’ve got ourselves a KNIT CHALLENGE!

The ERYN chunky look jumper is in the mix, and so is the JENNIFER tunic – which I have just put on my needles, in stripy colour glory…

AND the third pattern was the Alaska Beanie, which many of you would have received as a FREE PATTERN in your emails.  It’s a great beanie template for making your own.


OK so who is in?

Your pattern choices are ERYN, JENNIFER or ALASKA

*Your participating Stores are The Woven Co (me), Garney Spooner in Whanganui, Revology in Wanaka, Fabric Creations in Blenheim and the lovely NanaCindy for hand-dyed sumptuous goodness!

You are welcome to use up Sumptuous in your stash, but you’ll need to buy at least the pattern and/or ball of Sumptuous from one of the participating stores.

Helpful links:

The Woven Free Range Knitters

Garney Spooner | Revology | Fabric CreationsNana-Cindy

Eryn Knit Kit | Jennifer Knit Kit

As you share your updates, please also tag your Store*



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