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Christchurch needs our love
After the horrific and deeply saddening events that took place in Christchurch on the 15th of March, we’ve been driving ourselves mad trying to figure out what we can do to show our love, support and kindness to those affected. Not to mention the enormous gratitude and respect to all those involved with helping them heal in a myriad of different ways each day.
We know you feel the same as well, which is why we have started this community outreach group; Knit for LOVE
Please join us in the Facebook group.
The idea is simple. KNIT BLANKETS FOR LOVE and The Woven will create the platform to share these with our community, our affected families, support workers, doctors and many others who need to know the world supports them.

The first connection and gifting will be on the 15th of April, marking the one-month anniversary of the tragedy.

If you want your contribution to go to Christchurch on the 15th, please ensure it arrives at 33 Glen Dene Crescent, Wanaka 9305,  no later than the 10th of April.

The second connection will take place on the 2-month anniversary, for which we’ll need your contributions by the 10th May.

Let’s really focus on channeling all our feelings, thoughts, prayers and energy into each stitch, so that we take the time to fully process our emotions and show Christchurch that we are there for them, 100%.  Use your knitting to channel stories from the inclusive, supportive and diverse community that New Zealanders are proud of.

To get you started, we’ve put together these pattern ideas that are suitable for beginners and advanced knitters alike! Whatever your abilities or time-pressures are, we think one of the below options will be possible for you to contribute. Use leftover yarns or anything else you can and want to – this is your way to let Christchurch know you’re thinking of them.  Remember you can make a blanket however you want to, these are just ideas.

  1. Squishy Squares – each of these will be joined with other squishy square contributions to create a bigger blanket. Best for beginners or those very short on time.
    Using DK / 8ply / 3 Light Worsted yarns, cast on 50 stitches with 4.5mm needles
    Knit every row, until you have made a square, cast off.
    Tension is advised at 17 to 18 stitches per 10cm
  2. Little Squishy – a small, individual blanket knitted entirely by you.
    Using Using DK / 8ply / 3 Light Worsted yarn, cast on 120 stitches with 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm
    Knit every row until you have made it one meter long, cast off
  3. Big Squishy – a larger individual blanket knitted entirely by you.
    Using Using DK / 8ply / 3 Light Worsted yarn held two strands together (this will look awesome with all the colours), cast on 100 stitches with 10mm needles
    Knit every row to make your desired length, cast off

We will be including a handwritten note on every blanket that says “You are LOVED” and includes a hand-made by…. so please ensure your blankets / squares have a note from you, the maker, so we can add your first name to the tag.

We know you are all as eager as we are to help in any way you can and we would appreciate it if you shared this call to arms as far and wide as you can!

If you’ve got any questions or you are confused about what to do, please email and we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible!

Thank you and love to you all xxxxxxx

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