Learn to Knit Boyfriend Beanie

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Learn to Knit Boyfriend Beanie is a simple pattern for the new to knitters, and a fast easy project for the more seasoned.

The beanie is a perfect size for both the boys and girls, and you can make it smaller fitting too.

The Woven Bold, brights and basics…choosing the perfect yarn is always part of the pattern development, and this merino blend yarn is spot on! The yarn is soft, warm and super squishy – perfect for your head and face. With a touch of nylon it is hard wearing, machine washable and will hold its shape – everything you need for a beanie to do the distance.

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The Woven Boyfriend Beanie in Navy



5 mm needles, if knitting on interchangeable / circulars this will best suit a 60cm or 80cm

2 x The Woven BOLD Brights and Basics

Sewing needle to seam



Cast on:

Cast on 50 stitches.

I like to use the long tail method, but a knitted cast on works well.  Have a look on youtube for techniques – just try not to cast on too tight.



Knit every row, but slip the first stitch of every row as if you are going to purl. This creates a tidy edge.  If this is your first project, you might want to skip this and just knit every stitch until you get confident.

Knit straight until the piece measures 45cm and then cast off.

Leave a tail of 40cm for sewing up.

Using your sewing needle, seam the cast on and cast off edges together to make a tube. There are lots of good tips for seaming on youtube.

Choose which side is the bottom (goes around your face) and what will be the top – the top will be gathered together.

Also give thought to which side is the outside (pick the best one).

The Woven Boyfriend Beanie in Navy




The Woven Boyfriend Beanie

Working so the inside (wrong side) of the hat is facing you (as if the hat is inside out) use your yarn to gather your top together and pull tight. I do this but threading through the stitches just down from the edge.


Boyfriend Beanie Draw up top          Boyfriend Beanie Sew Up

Once this is completed and the yarn is secured, you can turn your beanie out the right way. Voila!

For a smaller fit, cast on 45 stitches and knit to 40cm (or smaller if you prefer)

This pattern is suitable for beginners, as it only requires cast on / off and knit stitches. You can extend your skills with seaming.

This pattern was developed by Michelle Stewart aka Mitzy Moo Knits

Hope you enjoy our new pattern 🙂

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