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A snood of self care

For whatever reason, many of us forget how important we are. Maybe we go through a life trauma, or we devote much of our life caring for others, and then we forget to take care of ourselves. Doing something daily to feel more beautiful and valuable is something we’re working on. 

Something as simple as incorporating knitting into your daily routine brings an element of mindfulness into your day. Pop the jug on for your morning coffee (an absolute must, right?), and then while the jug is boiling knit a row or two, taking a moment to reflect on how you’re feeling.

Taking care of your skin is another great way to introduce self care into your daily life. We’re big fans of natural skincare, and we’ve been using Sub & Tarctic’s range of beauty products, which combines science with New Zealand natural ingredients to enhance the appearance of your skin. We think you’ll love it like we do, so here’s an idea.

We’ve teamed up with Sub & Tarctic to bring you a gorgeous self-care kit that brings knitting and skincare together. We’ve created a simple snood pattern that doesn’t need you to concentrate too much on getting the pattern right. You can simply sit down for a few rows, check in with where you’re at, and get lost in your thoughts for awhile. You’ll also get Sub & Tarctic’s Night Renewal Cream. It’s rich in vitamins A, B, and E, as well as omega fatty acids to help nourish and repair your skin while you sleep — a great way to incorporate self care into your busy day. You’ll also be able to take care of your nails, skin, and hair from the inside out, and improve your mood, sleep, and energy levels thanks to the Sub & Tarctic Beauty Diet supplement in the kit. 

Order a kit for yourself, or one for a friend who may need a reminder to look after themselves. Maybe you could even order one for yourself and a friend, and use it as an opportunity to teach a friend to knit. You’ll help them add another method to their self-care toolkit while spending quality time together.

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