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A snood of self care

We know that what is going on in our world and in our communities is not easy at the moment – especially for those who are facing long stretches of isolation and uncertainty.  But we also know that there is a simple and comforting way to turn the unexpected time at home into a wonderful opportunity to knit, become creatively active and bring some focus and calm to your day.  So we encourage you to pick-up sticks again, to teach your family, and to learn yourself if you haven’t yet had the chance.

We encourage you to stay home, stay calm and stay healthy.  We hope where possible you can use your time for good, perhaps less digital and more mindful.  Focus on healthy, engaging activities and learnings … and we wish you all the best during this stressful time.

Something as simple as incorporating knitting into your daily routine brings an element of mindfulness into your day. Pop the jug on for your morning coffee (an absolute must, right?), and then while the jug is boiling knit a row or two, taking a moment to reflect on how you’re feeling.

Order a kit for yourself, or one for a friend who may need a reminder to look after themselves. Maybe you could even order one for yourself and a friend, and use it as an opportunity to teach a friend to knit. You’ll help them add another method to their self-care toolkit while spending quality time together – albeit virtually!

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Healthy Bean Ritual Card


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