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Inspired by all the activity in our knitting community for The Woven DYO (Design Your Own) pattern using 1 to 2 balls of Sumptuous, I found myself busting out a cheeky little beanie hat pattern from just one ball.

Beanies, or knitted hats if you prefer, are always useful – making them the perfect quick knit and gift.  Especially here in our alpine town Wanaka as we head into our snowy months.  The thing with knitting for craniums though, is getting a good fit on the different sizes AND making the hat look good on those noggins too.
So with a very happy thumbs up – I think this pattern is not only quick, easy, but is really good on the range of head sizes too!

Knitted for a larger man cranium, but modelled in the photo by me with my incy wincy cranium… I ended up wanting to keep this one for myself!  You can wear the textured pattern either way, I liked the ribbed side for the bloke – but the softer bumpy side for me 🙂



1 x ball of Sumptuous 3 Light Worsted / DK weight, 75grm or 2.6 ounces = 150m or 164 yards

5.5mm (US9) circulars on a 60cm cable or 23.5″

Round Marker

Darning Needle


Cast on 80 stitches – I like the longtail method for the stretch.  If you are using the knit-on method, please be mindful to keep them loose, you don’t want a toight head!

Join in the round and place a round marker (careful not to twist your stitches)


Round One: Knit around
Round Two: Knit 1, Purl 1 (known as K1P1) around


Work the two round pattern until the hat measures 24cm.  This is adjustable, especially if you’d like a foldup on the band.  The crown is only 2 rounds, so if you are auditioning the hat remember it needs to be long enough to close at the top.
Finish on a Round Two.


Work the first round of the crown knitting 2 stitches together the whole way around (known as K2TOG) you will reduce your 80 stitches to 40 stitches.

Work the second round of the crown purling 2 stitches together the whole way around (known as P2TOG) and now you have reduced your stitch count to 20 stitches.

Cut your working yarn leaving a tail long enough to thread through the 20 remaining stitches and pull closed, secure and bind off.


Sew in your ends, make a pompom if you fancy or find something furry to put on top.  I think the soft gathered crown effect sits pretty well without a pommy, but you decide what works for you.

SIZE NOTE – as an idea, if you would like to make this a smaller fit, you could drop 6 or 10 stitches off the pattern too.

How cute is that broken rib?  Well done you

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