The Woven Soft and Chunky ‘Story’

Every family has one loveable black sheep. In The Woven’s yarn family, that little black sheep just so happens to be our Soft and Chunky range. If you already know a bit about The Woven, you’ll know how passionate we are about keeping the New Zealand wool industry alive and thriving. As part of that […]

Happiness Blog Series P1 – Interview with Michelle Stewart founder of The Woven Co

The Woven Co Happiness blog series   Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself. And by this, we don’t mean tell us what you do for a job, we mean tell us something about what makes you tick. It can be anything from a favourite colour to something or someone you find inspiring. One of the […]

Wild Earth Yarns Story

Wild Earth Yarns Story Wild Earth Yarns. NZ’s best-kept wooly secret…until now! There are some very important members of The Woven’s woolly family that we’d like you to meet. They are the wonderfully talented milling team that have been so instrumental in making our yarn dreams come true!   We often think that in the […]

Our Big Three

Recently, we’ve been doing some soul searching and thinking about why The Woven actually exists. What is it we’re trying to achieve? Our cornerstone belief and the driving force behind starting this crazy, amazing journey, has always been that the joy of knitting needs to be spread and made accessible to everyone. Over the years, […]

The JOY Story

What’s in a name? If you are talking about the newest addition to our yarn family, ‘JOY’, we would say ‘everything’. Developed specifically with Michelle’s Nana ‘Joyce’ in mind, JOY is a truly unique blend of characteristics and memories. You might even say that Joyce, (or ‘Joy’ as her family and friends liked to call […]

The Smooth Story

A wise man once said that ‘perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.’ * With this in mind, allow us to introduce SMOOTH.  Sophisticated, elegant and romantic, our finely twisted merino yarn has been luxuriously created using only the finest in NZ […]

Who is behind The Woven Co?

Who is behind The Woven Co? Well thanks for asking, it’s me!  My name is Michelle and I love knitting.  I also love seeing others knit and create.  That’s how this whole thing started – that and I wanted to create a positive and inspiring place to shop for knitting supplies.  Then I focused on […]

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