A New Luscious Yarn Pre Orders – Fund Up Project

A new luscious yarn is brewing… 

A blend of Alpaca, Cashmere and Merino, dreamy and soft with a unique shine and bounce.  Can you even imagine how lovely this is going to feel running through your hands?!
AND because I don’t do things by halves it is coming in two weights; a CHUNKY weight and it’s lighter friend (comparable to Sumptuous)

First test batch is due for release soooooooon, very very soon…

Do you want to be the first to ever have this yarn blend, in this unique gauge?  Well may I invite you to be on the Fund – Up team to get this lovely dream into our realities

Forecast for pricing will be around the $50 per 100grm mark, this will be confirmed once the yield is confirmed, and all costs like the  freight and labelling have been accounted for.

The first test batch is a very limited amount, in 3 shades…. after that the full run will (hopefully) happen for later in the year.  So if you want IN now is your chance… and I will need your help on this one my friends.  Launching with Neon (yellow) the soft whisper of Mauve Mist and Natural (un-dyed).

I’m opening this pre sales FUND UP with 100grm hanks at the special price of $45 each – see below for more details
1 x hank $45 | 2 x hanks $90 | 3 x hanks $135 | 4 x hanks $180 | 5 x hanks $225 | 6 x hanks $270 | 7 x hanks $315 | 8 x hanks $360 | 9 x hanks $405 | 10 x hanks $450


End Date : June 30, 2022 11:11 pm

Raised Amount : $ 3,150
32 % Completed
32 %
Target Amount : $ 10,000
Remaining Amount : $ 6,850
16 Funder(s)
Contribution Amount ($)
$ 45 $ 90 $ 135 $ 180 $ 225 $ 270 $ 315 $ 360 $ 405 $ 450


This new yarn is the start of a new frontier in my production of NZ made wools 

You may have seen / heard that I have moved my production to the powerhouse that is Woolyarns in Wellington, which has me stepping up my game! To make this incredible fibre is quite literally making a dream come true… as in I have dreamed and dreamed of this yarn.  I believe we need a delicious and luxurious chunky yarn made in NZ and made not to fluff and pill.  This to me is the unicorn yarn.  Fast knits, chunky knits and incredible throw blankets, soft to the touch and gentle on the skin…. and in some super fun eye popping colours and cleverly balanced neutrals. Sounds fun right?!  AND in a stroke of what I believe is total genius, this incredible yarn will be available in a lighter weight too!  Oh yeah!

So here we go friends! We are set to send it and I need your help…

Pre-sales are for the 1st test batch (a very limited release) and this will be in one bold shade, one neutral shade and in natural (undyed), both weights will be available… all very very limited quantities.  The pre-sales are to secure 100grm hanks, and when you’ll get a chance to choose your preferences in the order of which you’ve pledged.  So first in, is first to choose.

1 x hank $45 | 2 x hanks $90 | 3 x hanks $135 | 4 x hanks $180 | 5 x hanks $225 | 6 x hanks $270 | 7 x hanks $315 | 8 x hanks $360 | 9 x hanks $405 | 10 x hanks $450

The blend is working with fibres ethically sourced, and in time I hope these to be entirely NZ fibres BUT we do not have farms to support that right now (but we are working on it).  The Alpaca is from Peru, the Cashmere from Mongolia, and the merino from NZ and Australia.  What I love about this production house, is their ability to hold their suppliers accountable and really drill into the supply chain to ensure the ethics are really there.

The fund raising goal is $10k, which I am matching from my own savings, to get this one across the line.  Being self funded is both liberating and completely terrifying… I get to make my own decisions (cool) but where and how I can raise money – especially when there is so much capital already tied up in the wools that exist AND I’ve got all the day to day bills to cover (fun fun).  So it comes down to the community support… which to be blunt, is a clear message if this is a good idea or not.  I mean I think it’s a GREAT idea, and I can’t wait to have it on my needles, in my hands and ultimately on my bod!  It’s going to be AWESOME!!  But you tell me, are you keen too?

So please if you love the idea, want first dibs (and a special price) and can support this project, would you pledge for some 100grm hanks?

The campaign is limited in sales and only open until the end of the month.  It is unlikely there will be any yarns available outside of this offer from the test batch – we will have to wait and see what the final amount produced yields.





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