Healthy Bean Daily Ritual Knit Kit


Healthy Bean Daily Ritual Knit Kit – A Snood of Self Care

Healthy Bean Kit has been designed to bring calm to your day, connect you to your feelings while helping you be creatively active. 

Snood scarf is worked two strands (two balls together) and knits up quickly to make a thick warm piece.  We have online tutorials to help you with your knitting.  Kit also includes a daily check in card, encouraging you to knit daily and connect to your feelings.

Knitting is a calming, comforting and productive use of time.  It fosters thinking and problem solving, mindfulness and creativity, all while your hands work rhythmically to soothe nerves and tensions

This pattern is suitable for knitters just learning, and has the option of a textured design to stimulate the mind

Featured colour way is Blush and Tang

This pattern was developed as an original pattern by Michelle Stewart for The Woven Co


2 x  balls of Sumptuous 75grm (2.6ounces) in your choice of colours
1 x 9mm (US8) Knitpro Symphonie Interchange Needles with 60cm (23.5″) cable
Pattern and on-going support
Daily check in card



The Healthy Bean Daily Knitting Ritual Kit 

We know that what is going on in our world and in our communities is not easy at the moment – especially for those who are facing long stretches of isolation and uncertainty.  But we also know that there is a simple and comforting way to turn the unexpected time at home into a wonderful opportunity to knit, become creatively active and bring some focus and calm to your day.  So we encourage you to pick-up sticks again, to teach your family, and to learn yourself if you haven’t yet had the chance.

We encourage you to stay home, stay calm and stay healthy.  We hope where possible you can use your time for good, perhaps less digital and more mindful.  Focus on healthy, engaging activities and learnings … and we wish you all the best during this stressful time.

Grab a kit for yourself, or one for a friend who may need help to look after themselves. Maybe you could even order one for yourself and a friend, and use it as an opportunity to teach a friend to knit – and spend some time together – albeit virtually!

Colour Options:

**Choose to knit in two colours (to blend like shown image) or the same colours for a nice thick solid colour**

See full range of Sumptuous here

Join our active online community to enjoy the power of knitting together, we are here to help and encourage you!
For other tips and tutorials visit our helpful blog here.


“Is knitting with two strands ok for beginners?”
Yes it is, we have some online tutorials to show you all the steps.  What we like about two strands, or working two balls of wool at once – is that it makes the knitting big and easy to see (like a chunky yarn) and it grows so quickly

“How does the daily check in work?”
The back of the pattern card is a daily check in with your feelings, here are the instructions and card:

Healthy Bean Ritual Card

Additional information

Colour One

Midnight, Doris, Natural, Rain, Star, Taupe, Blush, Petrol, Tang, Aqua, Glacial

Colour Two

Midnight, Doris, Natural, Rain, Star, Taupe, Blush, Petrol, Tang, Aqua, Glacial

Needles in Kit

Remove from kit, Leave needles in kit


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