Smooth and Silky Limited Release Range (Pre-Sales)



SMOOTH & SILKY Limited Release Range Pre-Sales special $19.50 per ball (full retail estimated at $22.50 per ball)

Scroll down for full details and colour chart below

STRICTLY LIMITED TO 40 x 50grm balls per colour

80% Luxury Merino + 20% Mulberry Silk
Woollen Spun in Wellington
DK | 8ply

Estimated delivery mid to late March 2023




Wanna know more about SMOOTH?

Smooth was actually the first yarn I ever made, back then it was called Smooth Twisted Merino, due to the high twist rate in the spinning.  As the years have gone, I have tinkered with this yarn and steadily gone up the levels of Merino – or should I say, down the microns hahahaha.
The plan with SMOOTH was always one of classic timeless beauty, but of course, in a modern ‘Michelle’ kind of way…
Anyhoo, with Sumptuous now well into her revolution it was time to give Smooth the update she deserves…and after sampling merinos and silks (naturally I choose all the best ones aka the expensive ones) and pouring over colours for hours and hours before finalising my choices for the 11 colour range -I have an AMAZING plan!
Now if you are familiar with the previous versions of SMOOTH, you’ll know there has been some stunning contemporary shades – but I haven’t been able to have them all at once… until now!
Do you remember our friends Blossom, Frost, Mist and Duck Egg?  They were in production YEARS ago, more recently we have enjoyed French Grey, Graphite and Seaglass… well what about if we have them ALL plus natural AND added THREE sexy new tones? How EXCITING!!
So agreeing to the production and getting things started was in the blur of the year ending and I simply ran out of time to tell y’all about it – it actually is only a few WEEKS away, can you believe that?

So here’s your chance to pre order and SAVE BIG on this fancy new knitting yarn – strictly limited numbers available!

New colour Menu:

Natural (off white natural wool colour)

Shell (very soft whisper of sandy pink)

Blossom (soft peachy pink)

Dusty Rose (vintage rosewood)

Bronzed (copper toned red)

Mist (lightest grey)

French Grey (soft and warm grey)

Graphite (deeper grey with mushroom notes

Duckegg (grey toned robin green)

Frost (light blue)

Seaglass (coastal blue/green)

Peacock (sophisticated rich toned blue)


SMOOTH AND SILKY limited edition 2023 run will be a very limited edition mini run, bringing for the first time ever the whole colour range together PLUS a few extra cheeky colours



Additional information

2023 Limited Release Colour Range

Natural (off white natural wool colour), Shell (very soft whisper of sandy pink), Dusty Rose (vintage rosewood), Bronzed (copper toned red), Mist (lightest grey), Blossom (soft peachy pink), Seaglass (coastal blue/green), Frost (light blue), Graphite (deeper grey with mushroom notes, Peacock (sophisticated rich toned blue), Duckegg (grey toned robin green), French Grey (soft and warm grey), None


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