Sumptuous 2023 KIT BUILDER is HERE!

Your chance to build up your desired kit with the NEW 2023 Sumptuous!

Please note that the new 2023 Sumptuous has been spun differently and the result is a slightly lighter less plump yarn that may gauge differently to previous 🙂

  1. Add your KIT
  2. Add needles (or don’t)
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Then go choose your wools! >> SUMPTUOUS 2023 WOOLS 

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** Please note the KIT BUILDER was designed to pair wools with patterns, adding needles as you need them – it was not intended for the individual sale of patterns **

Sumptuous 2023 Colours – choose wools here


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Baby Knit Kits

Beyond Puerperium Baby Jumper, Charlie Cardigan, Textured Knit Blanket, Ridges + Checkers Knit Blanket, All The Texture Knit Blanket, Tri Colour Knit Blanket, NIL

Beginner Knit Kits

Ellegator, Basic Beanie, Boyfriend Beanie, Scraggle Scarf, NIL

Accessories Knit Kits

Boyfriend Beanie, Dawn Skies Scarf, One T Beanie, Minerva Cowl, Jason Cowl, Oat Harvest Mitts, Alpine Beanie, Jules Pashmina, Royal Garter II Shawl, NIL

Knitwear Knit Kits

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Blankets + Throws Knit Kits

Geometric Delight Std, Geometric Delight Large, Snuggle Blanket, 2021 Big Textured Cabin Blanket, NIL

Needle Pack

None, Needles + Cable > 6mm, Needles + Cable < 6mm


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