Replace your FOMO with JOMO this New Year

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It’s quickly approaching that time of the year again and, boy, are we excited! It’s been a super busy year with much to be thankful for! So to start off this post, we’d just like to take a minute to say thank you to all you amazing knitters. You’ve truly made this year special and worth celebrating.

In particular, we’re looking forward to the rare bit of downtime that this period so generously provides every year. We just can’t wait to get home, kick off our shoes, put on some old, comfy pyjamas (you know the ones we mean!) and crawl under our favourite chunky knit blanket with a cup of something warm.

And we know there are some of you who are thinking the same thing.

And yet, each year as Christmas rolls around, we find ourselves feeling guilty about indulging in a bit of relaxation and self-care. The dreaded ‘FOMO’ (that’s ‘the fear of missing out’ to all the old-timers like us) kicks in. Shouldn’t you be excited about going out and meeting new people, getting tipsy and ‘making the most’ of your free time?

At this point, we’d like you to take a little look at the last bit of that previous sentence again – ‘making the most of your free time’. And the answer is that you absolutely should! We’re all for socialising and having a glass (or bottle!) of wine with new and old friends every once in a while. But we’re also all for recognising when our bodies and minds are telling us they’d rather be curled up at home with a ball of yarn. So we’d like to propose a new approach – replace your FOMO with JOMO (the JOY of missing out) this year.

And it’s not just us who think like this. Psychologists are increasingly recommending that we reclaim our own time and balance our ever more connected lifestyles with a good dollop of ‘me-time’.
Recent studies have found that individuals who partake in relaxing, simple activities such as knitting on a regular basis, receive a range of health benefits, including reductions in stress and anxiety, improving cognitive function (clever clogs!) and even staving off arthritis! Sounds pretty good to us.
Of course, there’s also much to be said for the meditative aspects of knitting for those who struggle to sit still. We’ve got busy minds and knitting allows us to get connected to the moment and let go of worries and stress.

So, in 2018, we’d like to invite you to embrace your own desires and join the JOMO revolution!

To get you started, Michelle’s just completed this amazing pattern for a knitted blanket, made from Indiecita Brushed Baby Alpaca Yarn. Perfect to snuggle up with on your self-date.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of cocoa, some knitting needles and jump on the sofa. You totally deserve it!

From all of us at The Woven, we wish you a happy, healthy, relaxing Christmas and New Year. See you on the other side!

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  • Sarah

    I love this post! I am totally on board with reframing FOMO to JOMO – I’m getting increasingly possessive of my quiet time, and accepting that I don’t have to do *everything* 🙂

  • Michelle Stewart

    Thank you Sarah 🙂 We need that rest and restore time, especially the creatives! xxx

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