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The Story behind #SaveSumptuous


Writing about this is no easy task, and one that I have been delaying until I felt enough strength to share.  So that is today, today is the day I can say in writing, that the task of keeping this business afloat (let alone growing) has been a real challenge in the face of my personal circumstances changing so much.


The decision to seperate from my husband and partner of nearly 14 years was sudden, but ultimately the best decision for both of us and our young son.  And as right as it is to take this enormous step – it wasn’t planned, and from a personal financial and business perspective, the timing really wasn’t great.  This business is very young in it’s manufacturing years, and at this infantile age, she needs all capital reinvested, all hands on deck, all the energy and all the attention.  Faced with securing my home, providing financial and emotional stability for my little family, I wasn’t able to honor these things.  Not at all.


When you take your eyes off the road, as they say, things start to go wrong.  Weakness exposed can create opportunity for others (aka the vultures can circle) and the patience and support of others can run thin.  How much can you put yourself onto others without stepping back up to the helm and taking control?  Well friends and family, it got pretty hairy, and I’m not out of the woods yet.


What I (and this business) are though, is loved and supported in this community – and the sheer size and passion of this has been unbelievable.  Literally unbelievable, as in I sit in a state of disbelief reading and feeling all the responses and actions. Sometimes I cry (happy tears), sometimes I laugh, even show complete strangers on my phone what just happened.  It’s astonishing, really.


So here we are family, only a few weeks ago I didn’t know if I could go on – I was completely on the verge of emotional and physical collapse, and fighting for this business seemed insurmountable.  I posted a video on facebook, really not knowing what else to do, asking for help…. and now we are together fighting the good fight to #SaveSumptuous.


So what does that mean?

It means I need to raise capital to secure the forward supply of fibres, to put a small production run into action, to build the brand and sales channels, to get the next big release run in the works.  Producing in this industry can see capital tied up in various stages of production for a very loooonnnng time, and that can leave me powerless to make something as simple as rerunning Midnight in our Sumptuous.    So your help really does, well, help.


So what can you do to help further?

Choosing to knit with Sumptuous, if you can, will absolutely help – however the key to this mission is growing our craft community.  We need more people knitting Sumptuous, and I can’t help but feel that if people found out about the yarn, tried the yarn, they’d be back for more too.  And so on.  She really is so squishingly wonderful – both for the crafter and the wearer – that I believe she deserves this attention to save her in our craft universe.  Will you help me?

  • Share your love, photos, feedback etc on your social medias, public forums, knitting groups etc
    If you like add in our #SaveSumptuous handle to show your support
  • Join our Design Your Own promotion and give an idea a good go
    Share in your socials with #TheWovenDYO
  • Tag your store for Sumptuous, it’s important we show the world where to buy this lovely yarn
  • Knit out loud, in public, and be our brand ambassador for Sumptuous, share photos, share ideas, share the love!
    We’ve created #SaveSumptuous Sundays for this fun socialising
  • TELL THE WORLD you love this yarn, right now I’m talking to international stockists to take this yarn to the world and I need your help.  All the publicity you can create helps build awareness and credibility for the yarn.  If you know of stores you think would work well, please let me know – and let them know too!
  • Shop within your means, and with intention…. please know that I am not asking your to just buy loads of this yarn.  We must build this business sustainably and I am really passionate about reducing stashing and shopping with intention to create.  By sharing and growing our family, we grow this business.  I understand this is a premium product, it’s not always in the budget to knit with – it’s as simple as that.  You can help so much without putting strain on your wallet.

Thank you for reading this blog, I welcome your feedback – it’s not always easy to hear thoughts from the other side, but I really need your input to move forward.

With love from my home to yours,



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