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It has been on my mind to make an “easy” level knitting project that would suit a bunch of people in a bunch of different situations.  My mind always goes back to the times I sat beside in the hospital, feeling comforted by my hands working a steady rhythm on the needles.  There are times in your life that knitting is just the right thing to do; in my life they have been holidays, illness, plane and car trips, forced rest due to injury, pregnancy downtime, emotional healing, hospital vigils, sunny days on the beach relaxing, cafe chilling, Sunday slow days… and now there is our new norms; LOCKDOWN and QUARANTINE… knitting is something to do in quarantine!

So please allow me to introduce you to my multipurpose pattern; the Scraggle Scarf (knee warming blanket for older or less mobile friends, baby blanket for our new arrivals).  It plays with three colours AND if you are scarfing it, you don’t even have to sew in the ends yay!


3 x Balls of Sumptuous 75grm
Featured colours are:
A– Doris Plum
B– Natural
C– Midnight

5 mm (US8) needles, for circulars use a 60cm or 80cm cable and knit flat (see video tutorial; how to knit flat on circulars)


Using colour A, cast on 70 stitches

I like the longtail method for my cast on’s – but you can use the knit-on method (see video tutorial; how to knit on)


This fun little piece will be worked by knitting every stitch (see video tutorial; how to knit) and to create a nice even edge of both sides, I recommend slipping the first stitch of every row purl-wise (see video tutorial; how to slip the first stitch purlwise)

We are going to work blocks of colour like this:

Colour A = 18 rows (cast on was row 1)
Colour B = 5 rows
Colour C = 10 rows
Colour B = 5 rows
Colour C = 10 rows
Colour B = 5 rows

Repeat to make the pattern configuration 4 times, then finish with Colour A for 17 rows then cast off (see video tutorial; how to cast off)
You will notice the colour changes happen on alternating sides, this is to create a two sided piece (no front or back) AND to make your scraggles along both sides – should you choose not to sew in your ends.  If you are making scraggles, be sure to leave a good 10 to 15cm on each end.

Learn more about changing colour (see video tutorial; how to change colour)


Sew in your ends if you want to (see video tutorial; how to sew in your ends) or to make your scraggles, just knot the twos strands of wool together to stop them undoing!  YES IT IS THAT EASY!


You might find other video’s on our Tips and Tutorials blogs and YouTube Channel to help you, including how to undo (known as Tinking or Knitting Backwards).  You can also find lots of help in our supportive community on Facebook; Free Range Knitters… please join us there to share your knitting updates and ask any questions.

Hope you enjoy this pattern


Scraggle Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
Scraggle Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

To wear your Scraggle Scarf, fold over diagonally, lengthwise (the long way), wrap around your neck and tie at the back.  Easy as!

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