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Simple Bunny is our free knitting pattern for beginners

When learning to knit, the question often is, where to start?
Well lets make that an easy answer – with a little knitted square that can become a very cute little bunny!  It’s a fun knit that is simple and easy to do with any wool or needles you have to hand.

I should say this is not an original idea or pattern… but here are some simple instructions for you to follow and make your own little bunny!

Watch my Sunday make on Instagram to see one being assembled

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.04.06 pm

Pattern Level: Beginner

Estimated Knit Time: Under 4 hours

Skills: Cast on, cast off, knit, and then a little sewing to make your bunny

Suggested Materials:

  • 1 x Smooth DK 50gm
  • Knit on 5mm needles, if on circular needles use 60cm length
  • Darning needle
  • Sewing needle and embroidery thread for the eyes
  • Stuffing
  • Extra wool for the pom pom tail

Gauge Approx:

16.5 stitches to 10cm

Pattern Notes:

To make this cute bunny, you will be casting on then knitting every stitch, every row, until your knitted piece makes a square.  Casting off, then following some a few sewing instructions to make the bunny take shape.  For stuffing you can use old rags, toy fillers, even old socks!

Don’t forget to make a cute Pom Pom for their tail 🙂

Here are some links to help you:

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