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Quick little fun foot warmers, the ultimate in cozy winter accessories….

Who doesn’t love a knitted slipper? Add on the playful ankle cuff for a fun and cozy bootie for around the house. I’ve even got an option to knit on to sheepskin soles.

The Woven Simple Knit Slipper Booties

The cuff with horseshoe cable is knitted first, then the bootie. This means you can very the cuff; make it bigger or remove it altogether making this a very versatile pattern.


The Woven Simple Knit Slipper Booties



6.5 mm needles (if using circular 60/80cm cable is best)

2 x The Woven BOLD in your colour choice

Stitch Markers, darning needle, and decorative buttons

Pattern – Cuff

Cast on 20 stitches, knit 1st row

Knit 2nd row increasing 4 stitches across row: Knit 2 (K2), Knit front and back of next stitch (KF&B), *k4,KF&B* x 3 times, K2 = 24 stitches

Cable Pattern Setup Row

Garter stitch edging: K2, place marker (PM), Horseshoe cable: Purl 2 (P2) / K16 / P2, PM, Edge used for picking up the bootie: K2


Row 1: P2, Slip marker (SM), K2 / P16 / K2, SM, K2 – wrong side (WS)

Row 2: K2, SM, P2 / K16 / K2, SM, K2 – right side (RS)

Repeat rows 1 & 2 four times to make a total of 10 rows completed, repeat row 1

Pattern Row RS: K2, SM, P2 /Horseshoe Cable 16 (HSC16) see notes below / P2, SM, K2

Horse Shoe Cable 16

This Horseshoe cable is done over 16 stitches, this means two cables happen next to each other over 8 stitches each – with 4 stitches moving on each cable.

  1. Slip 4 stitches on to cable needle and hold at back
  2. Knit next stitches from left needle
  3. Knit 4 stitches from cable needle
  4. Slip 4 stitches on to cable need and hold at front
  5. Knit next stitches from left needle
  6. Knit 4 stitches from cable needle

Repeat rows 1 & 2 six times to make a total of 12 rows past the pattern row, repeat row 1, pattern the next row. This makes a pattern set of 14 rows.

Repeat the 14 row pattern set another 2 times, making a total of 4 horseshoe cables.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 another three times (or the desired amount to make your ankle cuff, keep in mind one end will be sewn over the other).

WS row, purl across decreasing from 24 stitches back down to 20 as P2, Purl 2 together (P2TOG), *P4, P2TOG* x 4 times, P2

Cast off.


Now you’ll need to sew your cuff together before proceeding. Give some thought to the left and right sides. I prefer the cuff to sit like the photo, so each side will need to positioned differently. With the garter edge on top, the right foot has the cast off edge sewn on top. While the left foot has the cast on edge on top. The sewn edge will be on the anklebone of each foot.

You can put on the decorative buttons now or at the end.

The Woven Simple Knit Slipper Booties


If you would like to change the pattern or size of the cuff, this is easy to do and you can let your imagination run wild! If you would like to remove the cuff, you’ll just need to cast on stitches in the next step instead of picking up around the cuff.

Pattern – Slipper


Pickup 46 stitches around the bottom of your cuff – approx making 3 stitches out of 4 cuff rows. Start picking up from the seam in your cuff, pickup from the right side. Join in the round, place round marker. Garter (knit one round, purl the next, repeat) 5 rounds finishing with a knit round.

Top of the foot (flap)

We are going to work a section of the stitches straight, the ideal length of your foot. These stitches are centered at the front of each bootie – you’ll need to eyeball this to ensure each is right, but here is a guide:
Right foot, approx 7 stitches from the round marker, you will work the next 9 stitches as the top of your foot.

Left foot, approx 30 stitches from the round marker, you will work the next 9.

Once you have your centered 9 stitches for the top of your foot, you will be working these back and forth (rows) in garter stitch. Please increase 1 stitch each end of the first row to make 11 stitches. Then continue straight until the section measures your ideal length (the start of your toes) OR go with the small to medium fit of 9cm from start of flap. Be sure to finish on a WS row.

Foot construction

Foot Construction

Now we are going to work the flap stitches, pickup stitches each side of the flap and work around the live stitches from the cuff. Do this by first working across the 11 stitches of the flap, then pick up stitches down the left side, one per garter stitch ridge. Pickup one stitch in the ‘gap’ before the live stitches that have been on hold. Knit around the ankle, then pickup down the right side of the flap. Garter 6 rounds (3 ridges).

Sole of Bootie

Here is the point that if you intend to stitch your bootie to a sheepskin sole (or such like) you’ll likely cast off – after checking the fit. For those who are knitting the entire bootie as shown in the photos, we need to decrease at the centre of the front and back to make the sole. Start by establishing the centre of the front and back and marking them. Continue on in garter stitch, but on knit rounds decrease each side of both markers (4 decreases).

I do this by using Knit 2 together (K2TOG) before the marker, and slip 2 stitches then knit them together from the right needle (SSK) after the marker. Audition the bootie on your feet to test how the bottom is coming together. I tend to do 4 or 5 decrease rounds – or 4 or 5 garter stitch ridges. At your desired size you have two options to complete your bootie:

Cast off and sew edges together OR

Use a 3-needle bind off to cast off and join the bottom. This would be my recommendation. If using this method you will need to perform this on the WS or inside of the bootie. Have a look at Youtube to learn this method.

VOILA you made a bootie!

Sew in your ends and make someone’s foot very happy.

Ideas for size changes

Smaller Feet

If you knitting for smaller feet, scale the cuff accordingly and only pickup enough stitches to run smoothly from the cuff to the bootie. The foot flap will be smaller too, perhaps just 5 stitches. Your encourage to knit to a visual fit, make sure you note down your decisions so you can make the second bootie match!

Bigger Feet

Likely the cuff and pickup stitches will still work nicely. The adjustment will likely be in the length of the foot flap, and the quantity of rows before decreasing the foot sole.

Knitted-Slippers-The-Woven-005 (1)

Thanks, hope you enjoy the pattern


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    Thank you so very much for this lovely pattern am looking forward to trying to make it as beautify a you have here.

  • Sarah

    What weight is the yarn?

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hi Sarah

    It would suit a good 10ply or worsted / aran weight sock yarn

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