Squishy Thick Knitted Beanie Winter Hat – Free Pattern

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Our latest free knitting pattern for yourself or a gift…Knitting warm squishy hats is my go to, they are easy and with thick wool they knit up super quick… but what if you don’t have chunky wool on hand?  Never fear, you can take your worsted / DK wool and work two strands together, thus achieving a thick squishy and quick knit! Yes!

Working with our Sumptuous yarn, we enjoy the benefits of a longer ball (164 yards) so have plenty in a ball to get the job done – you’ll need two balls as we are working them together.  In my sample, I choose two different colours to create a marl effect.

When designing patterns for the head, I am tasked with fitting my own tiny thinker vs my husbands generous cranium .. my 6YO son sits somewhere in the middle of the two of us.   My sizing is with that in mind:

Small – fits my little head well, and my son’s.

Medium – has the same circumference as the small, not more length for a more generous skull size

Large – fits my husband well, slight bigger circumference and the longer size combined.

I wanted this hat to be very warm and dense, extra squishtastic.


2 x balls of Sumptuous 3 Light Worsted / DK weight, 75grm or 2.6 ounces = 150m or 164 yards

5.5mm (US9) circulars on a 60cm cable or 23.5″

Round Marker

Darning Needle


Cast on 60 stitches (60,64) – I like the longtail method for the stretch.  If you are using the knit-on method, please be mindful to keep them loose, you don’t want a toight head!

K2P2 across a flat row, then place a round marker, join in the round (careful not to twist your stitches)


Work K2P2 rounds continuous,  until your band measures 14cm or 5.5″ (14cm 5.5″, 15cm 6″)


Changing to stocking stitch, you will know knit every stitch on your rounds, continuing up until the body section measures 14cm or 5.5″ (15cm 6″, 18cm 7″)


Nice and quick one this, K2TOG around to make 30 (30, 32).  K2TOG around again to make 15 (15,16).  K2TOG around again as many as you can to make 8 stitches left on the needles.  Cut yarn and thread through stitches, pull up firmly and tie off.


Sew in your ends, make a pompom if you fancy or find something furry to put on top.  You could even leave the top open a bit to pull through your ponytail / messy bun.




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