Sumptuous 2022 Limited Release Range Pre-Sales (Fund Up)

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Craving a fresh palette of colours to play with?

Well here is your chance to add to the current range or build a new tonal story!

New colour Menu:

Indigo (rich and vibrant blue) | Flossie (soft light pink) | Tropical (vibrant turquoise) | Storm (very dark tone of Rain) | Light Rain (light tone of Rain) | Scarlet (rich red) | Silk (soft beige pink) | Coral Fizz (vibrant pinky orange) |

SUMPTUOUS limited edition 2022 run will be a very limited edition mini run, bringing in the mostly highly requested colours AND some fun tones to reset the neutrals…

To say that I am excited about this, would be an absolute understatement!  Here is what you need to know about the new run..

  1. This will be Sumptuous, but it will be different
    Transferring production to Woolyarns in Wellington will see some differences in the spinning (with the goal to reduce Alpaca shed) and fibre (shifting to a finer micron merino), to make a better overall yarn
  2. This mini run will be using a hank dye method, so each colour will be very very limited in stock – around 200 balls only per colour
  3. Pre sales are opening to help Fund Up the run, and will offer these limited edition colours at the current ball rate (instead of their limited edition pricing)
  4. Supporters in the pre-sales will have some fun offers to ‘top up’ their pledges
  5. All pre-sales will be honoured before what stock (if any) is made available in the main shop
  6. Scheduled production delivery is for mid to late October (part of the puzzle is obtaining new equipment from Canada to ball this yarn!)
  7. Pre sales are per 75grm ball, add colours as you fancy, in quantities you desire, to your cart to check out
  8. GIFT BOXED sets are also available as 1 of each colour, making 8 new tones in wonderful presentation box, keep it for yourself, or gift to a loved one

So let’s talk about limited edition colours; my vision with Sumptuous is to have some key tonal shades produced next year in a full format, and compliment that with ever changing fresh tones in small batches.  This will make the base range somewhat more consistent (although you know me, I do like to mix it up!), but the limited edition colours will come and go even faster than they do now.  Making the smaller batch colours will cost more, and as such, pricing will reflect that. Extremely popular colours may happen in a second run – but of course with the expected variations of batches to batches.  Ultimately if your heart desires the colour, you would be wise to grab it while it’s there… I know so many of you have colour regrets that you missed out on a tone, and that is happening now with bigger runs, so it’s going to get even more tight my friends.  There is a real trend of releasing a new colour that takes many by surprise…. and many hesitate…. and then as the colour gets to it’s final servings, BOOM everyone wants it, but of course it’s too late.
Anyhoo, you might be asking in your head at this point, why do it?  Why make such small runs of colour… well for me the big drive is keeping the range FRESH and keeping it FUN and PLAYFUL… as a human, I yearn to freshen up my look, my wardrobe, my space.  What better way to do that than with a fresh pop of colour and some new tonal stories.  The whole point of this woolly business was to do what wasn’t being done, so let’s have some fun with it!

So here we are, doing the Fund Up drive; if you are new to this concept, it is essentially about me (Michelle, the single mumma and one-woman behind the scenes) finding a way to raise enough capital to support the production.  I am entirely self-funded and look to raise funds with the support of the community, while investing the balance from my working capital.  This is a tough gig, I can have my cashflow tied up in production, fleece, packaging, IT and soon machinery, for very extended periods of time.  As many of you will know, cashflow is king.  Trying to grow a business that has a long gestation period and large investment in manufacturing, is almost impossible without a huge start up fund… which I do not have.  What I do have, is you.  This community has continued to pull together and drive the growth of the products, the offerings and ultimately the turn over of the business to get me this far, and I feel with just a few more ‘pushes’ i’ll be over that proverbial HUMP or break the CEILING or whatever it is hahaha.  It’s at times like these, that I stop feeling alone in my endeavours and very much like a have a huge TEAM with me, your energy, support and encouragement are everything – believe me.

So… onwards with the new frontier of SUMPTUOUS, I’m so very keen to get this party started and hope you are too!

Pre order individual colours and/or a boxed set option too

Fund Up Rewards:
5+ Choose a FREE pattern
10+ delivery to include the NEW denim tote bags
20+ named supporter and invite to the colour selection team for the next run!

All balls purchased will earn you 1 entry (per ball) into our TKB giveaway to score yourself a MARILYN waxed canvas and leather project bag (this is Adele’s little sister).  Drawn will be done when pre-sales close 🙂


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