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What’s in a name? If you are talking about the newest addition to our yarn family, ‘JOY’, we would say ‘everything’.

Developed specifically with Michelle’s Nana ‘Joyce’ in mind, JOY is a truly unique blend of characteristics and memories. You might even say that Joyce, (or ‘Joy’ as her family and friends liked to call her) is one of the main reasons The Woven exists today.

You see, back in 1981, when Michelle was still a little girl, her Nana sat her down one fateful day and taught her how to knit. Since then, she’s been hooked and created many memories of her own through knitting for herself and others.

To commemorate the incredible lust for life Joyce had, we created JOY. And she’s definitely living up to her name! Completely unique (nothing else like her actually exists!) and naturally produced, JOY is strong, playful, comforting and classy. Just like her namesake, she’s as at home on the sofa with a glass of wine as she is doing work in the garden.

As Michelle was taught to knit by Joyce, it seemed only right that we should develop JOY to be as enjoyable to use for beginners as it is for experienced knitters. To us, that meant the finished product needed to be chunky, easy to handle, strong and special (because we know how much you’ll love your first knitting project!) In short, it needed to be a joy to knit with.

To achieve this, we turned to our amazing mill ‘Wild Earth Yarns’ for help. They suggested we combine two historic milling processes – worsted and woollen – to get the desired effect. They also agreed we use a special fibre; Polwarth, which is an especially long, fine fibre that gives our JOY yarn is strength and softness. Anything you knit using JOY is going to be something that still looks and feels incredible many years down the line. On top of all this, we had each cake hand dyed in our bright new range of JOY colours (Nana Joyce never wore black, she lived a life in colour), meaning no two are ever the same – just looking at them makes us happy!

JOY is a yarn that can keep up with the everyday demands that a life well lived goes through. Whether you’re snuggled up in bed or outside being active in the snow, JOY will make every moment better – we can’t wait for you to meet her and start creating your own memories.

To get some JOY on your needles, view the range here.

Inspired to create something that truly represented what JOY stands for, we’ve created the ‘Happiness Blanket’ knit kit. Perfect for intermediate knitters, the Happiness Blanket is ideal for a self-care project or as a thoughtful gift. To get or give some happiness, click here.

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Chunky knit blanket in JOY chunky yarn by The Woven Co