The Woven Braided River Ear Warmer – Free Knitting Pattern

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Looking for a cheeky little knit to work with just one little Sumptuous Piccolo from The Woven?  This pattern needs only 25grms and it’s quick and fun!  Enjoy 🙂


25grm Sumptuous by The Woven (one piccolo)

Knit flat on 5mm (US size 8)

Darning needle

Cable needle

2 x stitch markers


Approx. 22 sts per 10cm and 25 rows per 10cm

Pattern Notes:

Knit flat with a twisting cable, sewn at the back to join.

Piece Measures:

43/44 loop and 9cm wide

Cast On:

Cast on 20 stitches, keep your cast on loose / stretchy – I like the longtail cast on for this.

Setup Row:

K4, place marker (PM), purl 12, PM, K4 (wrong side)


  1. Row 1 (right side) Knit across, slipping markers as you go
  2. Row 2 (wrong side) Knit to 1st marker, purl to second marker, knit to end
  3. Repeat Rows 1 and 2 again
  4. You’ve now made a total of five rows
  5. Cable row:
  • Knit to marker, slip marker (SM), k2
  • Slip next four stitches onto your cable needle and hold this at the back of your knitting, knit 4 stitches from your main needle, now knit the four stitches from your cable needle. Cabling might look complicated but is really just the act of plaiting stitches.  You’ve moved four stitches off and across to a new location. Cool!
  • K2 to marker, SM, K4 to end
  1. From here we are going to do a Row 2, then repeat Rows 1 and 2 – four times (this will make a total of 9 rows after your cable row.
  2. Now do a cable row – the 10th row in your pattern block
  3. Repeat Step 5 and 6 until you have 11 cable twists done
  4. Wrap band around your own head firmly – is it close to meeting as we only have 6 rows to go? If you think it should be bigger, please add in a few extra rows (yarn permitting)
  5. Last six rows, knit a Row 2, then Rows 1 and Row 2 twice, then end on a Row 1.
  6. Cast off on the wrong side, leave a tail long enough to stitch ends together


Weave in ends, voila – it will sit flat when on 🙂




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