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Making the perfect piece with the right yarn is knitting serendipity.
Take a deep breath,
here we go…

Introducing a stunning NZ roving yarn in super bulky format, a wonderful blend of alpaca and NZ wool to snuggle up in.

The Woven super soft & chunky

The Woven Super Soft & Chunky

Now meet its perfect friend the Giant Snood….

knit kit giant snood in bulky nz yarn

The Giant Snood knit in Super Soft & Chunky

We here at The Woven love bringing together two perfect elements and hope you enjoy this matchup!

The Woven have developed this pattern using Super Soft and Chunky to achieve a fantastic result. It is a perfect 2-ball pattern, allowing you to knit as one colour or two tone to add a pop to your piece.

This Giant Snood can be worn as a hood too 🙂

Super Soft and Chunky Yarn is available in these winter shades too..


Yarn is available individually from The Woven here… or get the Giant Snood kit which includes needles, pattern and even a round marker.

We recommend this pattern as beginner +, suitable for the knitter who can knit, purl and follow a pattern. It is knit in the round on circular needles.

This pattern was developed from an original pattern by Abi Gregorio aka SpiderWomanKnits, the original pattern can be found on Ravelry here.

Giant Snood


Knit on 12mm needles

2 x Balls 100grm The Woven, Super Soft and Chunky

60cm circular needles

Round Marker


Knit two sizes, petite and standard (Standard is shown in the photos)

Cast on 43 stitches for petite or 47 stitches for standard.

Careful not to twist your stitches, join the round by moving the last stitch on your right needle to your left, and knit the two together – leaving 42 (46) stitches. Place round marker.

Setup round: Purl the first round (weaving your end into your knit stitches)

  1. Knit a round
  2. Purl a round
  3. Knit a round
  4. Purl a round
  5. Time to make the drop stitch round. This is achieved by knitting one stitch, then winding the yarn around the needle twice before the next stitch (this is called 2 YO or 2 yarn overs). So your round is *K1, 2 YO* until the last stitch; K1, 1 YO (the yarn will naturally cross the needle for the second time when you start the next round.

Tip, try not to cross over your YO’s as this will make the next round easier

  1. Next round purl the actual knit stitches from the previous rounds, and let the YO’s slide off. This will seem like knitting a stitch then an extra two loops sliding off the needle. Take it slow and check the loops as you go.
  2. Repeat rounds 1 and 2, 3 times
  3. Repeat rounds 5 and 6
  4. Steps 7 and 8 are a pattern block, your cowl will have 2 more pattern blocks, so 4 dropped stitch rounds in total.
    However if you would like to change colour this will happen on the next pattern block on the second knit row
  5. Repeat rounds 1-4
  6. Bind off loosely (using knitted stitch Bind Off)
  7. Weave in ends

knit kit giant snood in bulky nz yarn

Other suggested variations:

Add another pattern block for 5 dropped stitch rows, to make a fuller piece. This works best when knit in one solid colour

Cast on and bind off with contrasting colour, to add a subtle but interesting colour twist.

Cast on 57 stitches and knit only 3 dropped stitch rows for long draping cowl that can be looped twice, this is worked best when knit in one solid colour

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