The Woven Large Baby Blanket

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Smooth Twist Merino you continue to rock my world!  So full, crisp and wonderful, plus you are machine washable…
Such lively colours, I could help but bring these three strong elements together for the ultimate baby blanket.

This pattern makes a wonderful large sized blanket from 9 balls of The Woven’s Smooth Twist Merino.
The featured colour way is the bold Spice combination, gender neutral and a wonderful pop of colour in the nursery.

Finished size is approx 960mm x 660mm

The Woven Big Baby Blanket in Spice


This pattern is suitable for beginner knitters up, those comfortable with cast on / off and knit every stitch.

But for those keen to try something new, there is even a whizzy colour change technique to try.


Knit on 4.5mm needles
3x Balls each colour of Smooth Twist Merino
80cm or 100cm if using circular needles

Available as a Knit Kit from The Woven online shop with International Delivery options!

Cast on 130 Stitches (I like the long tail cast on for a good structure, just don’t pull too tight!)

You’ll be knitting flat, the first row is the right side, knit every row.

This is known as Garter Stitch

Slip first stitch of every row purl wise, to give the edging a tidy finish.

Please always change colour on the same side (the right side) for tidy transitions.

Knit each colour in your preference of order, to complete all 3 balls, leaving enough yarn to knit one row of colour change if you’d like to do the fancy transition (see notes below)

Sample was knit Chartreuse – Paprika – Succulent Green

Finish by binding and tucking in all ends.

The Woven Big Baby Blanket in Spice

The Woven Big Baby Blanket in Spice

Fancy Colour Transition

Change colour on the right side of your blanket, knitting each alternative stitch in each colour:

Slip first stitch

Knit 2nd stitch in new colour

Knit 3rd in previous

Knit 4th in new

Knit 5th in previous…. And so on

The big tip? How you hold and cross/don’t cross your colours on the back must be consistent to look good. I hold one colour down and one colour up, so they don’t twist.

The Woven Large Baby Blanket in Spice

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