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Every family has one loveable black sheep. In The Woven’s yarn family, that little black sheep just so happens to be our Soft and Chunky range.

If you already know a bit about The Woven, you’ll know how passionate we are about keeping the New Zealand wool industry alive and thriving. As part of that responsibility, we see it as our duty to experiment with and use not only the most fashionable wool varieties, but also the lesser-appreciated fleeces.

Enter Soft and Chunky.

Relaxed, playful and completely unique, Soft and Chunky is a charming mix of luxury NZ Merino and Merino half and cross-breeds. She was developed in response to a troubling trend we’ve started noticing in the NZ wool industry – that is the general trend to discard fleeces and fibres that are not considered 100% Merino. As a company that knows the value of diversity and not being ones to accept the status quo for the sake of it, we knew in our hearts that discarding these wonderfully distinct yarns would be wrong and ridiculous on lots of levels.

Soft and Chunky is a completely unique, natural-style yarn made up of available fleece mixes we can get our hands on, which is why we’ll usually only have a very small supply of it – but what we have, we’re extremely proud of!

Semi-spun and in all natural colours (dependent on fleeces available), Soft and Chunky is perfect for bulky, comforting knits – the sorts of cozy garments and blankets you want to snuggle up in to feel completely at ease and at home with yourself.  Sitting somewhere in between the 14 to 16ply range, she’s an understanding and confidence-building yarn, perfect for experienced knitters and beginners alike – she doesn’t judge and she looks and feels fabulous without trying!

As happens most of the time with under-appreciated people or things, Soft and Chunky will surprise you. She doesn’t only give you amazing quality, but also longevity and strength. A hank goes a long way and you’ll be able to knit up a jumper in only 4 hanks, or 5 if you’re going for an oversized look.

We can’t stress enough how much we love this yarn and how important we think it is that the use of cross and half-breed fleeces becomes more mainstream for the future of NZ wool.

We encourage you to give her a try – we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all that she has to offer!


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