The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie

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Classic squares with a modern twist. This is the perfect blanket for your youngen or your lap.

The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie


Life is so much better when we knit beautiful yarn. Even more satisfying is creating something delightfully enjoyable like a snuggly squishy alpaca blanket. This piece is designed to be an easy, fun knit that finishes in a really rather handy blanket. Knitted up, this fits your toddler’s bed or your lap on the couch. It spreads out on the floor for tummy time, and travels well in the buggy or car. You can even extend this blanket with extra squares to fit a bigger bed, or for two to share on the couch!

The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie  The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie  The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie

Vanity DK from Outlaw Yarns is a heavenly blend of NZ Alpaca and a touch of Merino to give it structure. Oh my word this is a wonderful product, it knits effortlessly into something that is light, full and ever so warm.



This yarn absolutely must make a feature on your needles.

It is so soft yet full. Its sheen and gentle halo are devine.

Oh and the knitting, this is happy happy days!





This pattern is a concise ball per square arrangement, so add more balls and more squares to your hearts content. Knit them separately or from each other as I did to avoid seaming.
Each square is 42.5cm square, so 4 square blankie is around 85cm square.

Other suggested colourway options:

This pattern is suitable for beginners, as it only requires cast on / off and knit stitches. You can extend your skills with seaming or picking up stitches.


This pattern was developed by Michelle Stewart aka Mitzy Moo Knits


Hope you enjoy our new pattern 🙂




4.5 mm needles, if knitting on interchangeable / circulars this will best suit a 80cm or 100cm sizes

4 x balls Outlaw Yarns Vanitas DK (800m in total)

Sewing needle to seam

Row counter if you are not confident counting garter stitch rows


Cast on:

Cast on 70 stitches.

I like to use the long tail method, but a knitted cast on works well.

Square One:

Knit every row, but slip the first stitch of every row as if you are going to purl.
This creates a tidy edge, and a very easy edge to pickup stitches along.

When you have completed 138 rows, cast off.

Wee Cabin Blankie Step 1


Square Two:

Follow the same method OR pickup 70 stitches along the side of the first square.
Pickup stitches on the right side of your work.
Be sure to pickup the first and last stitch as far to the ends as possible.

Wee Cabin Blankie Step 2Wee Cabin Blankie Step 3  Wee Cabin Blankie Pickupseam

Square Three:

Same as Two, but pickup stitches along the topside of square two.
Pick up on the right side of your work.

Wee Cabin Blankie Step 4  Wee Cabin Blankie Step 5

Square Four:

Pick up along the inner side of square three, from the right side.

Wee Cabin Blankie Step 6  Wee Cabin Blankie Step 7  Wee Cabin Blankie Step 8


Either you need to seam the 4 squares together, or you have only one seam left to do.

Tuck in all your ends!

Hope you enjoyed this pattern 🙂

The Woven Wee Cabin Blankie



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