UPDATE on delivery delays

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It seems folks, that a LOT of deliveries are severely delayed and I am so sorry for all those who are waiting waiting.
The courier team have told me not to even lodge a query until it is 10 days late 🙁
If it has been 10 days since your shipping message, please follow up with me – otherwise please wait out the 10 days.
As of this week, I have upgraded my courier service to New Zealand Couriers – as apparently they are not as overwhelmed as their sister company Post Haste (who I have been using). That said my delivery costs are very much increased… BUT I hope the net outcome as that things arrive smoothly and you can keep knitting.
It’s super frustrating for all involved, and I’m sure the poor people working in the freight companies are not having a fun time.
The knock on effect is that I have now got behind with dispatches, but hope to have a MEGA day tomorrow and catch back up.
Sending you all loves, please be patient
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