Why are Limeade and Iris Sumptuous a Different Size?

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Why are Limeade and Iris Sumptuous a Different Size?

Smaller Balls?

Yes, the two new shades of 2021; Limeade and Iris, have been made into 50grm balls not the standard Sumptuous size of 75grms.

This was definitely not planned, but in life mistakes happen and this is one we are going to roll with.  To our knowledge, Sumptuous is the only yarn produced in this unique size, so you can understand how the mistake happened with the production house under pressure and behind task thanks to the global pandemic.

So yes the balls are smaller, but it is still Sumptuous in all her glory – and she is after all, the People’s Favourite Knitting Yarn!

What does that mean for you?

Well firstly, let me say that you will still be able to order Sumptuous in Limeade and Iris, just like you normally do; in 75grm balls separately and in kits.  When I send you the yarns, I will top extra balls where needed.  For example, if you order 1 x 75grm ball of Iris, I will send you 2 x 50grm balls.  The big message here, is that I will do all the mathing for you and you will always have the correct amount of yarn delivered OR extra.

But on the subject of size, I will be making Sumptuous in these two hot new colours, available in 50grm balls in the store too.  So if you are working from a pattern that calls for 50grm balls in DK (double knit, 8ply) or Light Worsted etc, you can just order the quantity of balls required by the pattern.

Just order the colours the way you feel most comfortable – I’ll work it all out my end.

There may be a few niggles from the smaller balls, and for this both Wild Earth Yarns and myself sincerely apologise.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix the error, and I hope that you can accept the little hassles and still support this business and this product with your heart full of happy making.

For those with pre-orders, I am working on getting your orders out now ASAP, the labels were made for 75grm balls – so please bear with me as I work through some of these details.

Soon you will have these glorious new colours on your needles!



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