Why Polwarth Wool?

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When you are choosing fibres to make the ultimate NZ wool yarns, you have some very good options – but in our humble opinion, you can’t go past the incredible fibre from our Polwarth Sheep.

Our NZ bred Polwarth are very genetically similar to our famous Merino, so we can call them cousins… but the Polwarth fibre excels with shine, staple length and clarity.
Simply put, the longer fibre reduces prickle, while the shine and clarity bring out the colours, creating a lustre in your knitting.
(Shorter fibres tickle and irritate skin, and are prone to shedding and pilling)

There is a lot to LOVE about Polwarth, including how well they thrive here in NZ and how well they mother (commonly lambing twins).  From a milling perspective, the fibre is an absolute delight to process – so it is easy to see how this breed was once referred to as “Ideal”.

Polwarth is the new rockstar in the sheep and wool world, so why don’t you experience it for yourself…..this fine micron, super soft and luxurious yarn is used in our dreamy Sumptuous knitting yarns, and JOY super chunky yarns.
Lucky us!



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