Wild Earth Yarns Story

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Wild Earth Yarns Story

Wild Earth Yarns. NZ’s best-kept wooly secret…until now!

There are some very important members of The Woven’s woolly family that we’d like you to meet. They are the wonderfully talented milling team that have been so instrumental in making our yarn dreams come true!


We often think that in the yarn-producing industry, icebergs are quite a good simile to use. When you’re snuggled up on your sofa with a ball of yarn and some needles, you hardly stop to think about all the processes that need to happen to produce the soft, little lump of joy in your hands. In our case, it’s come from a very special mill called ‘Wild Earth Yarns’. We think an iceberg is just as good a comparison to use to describe them.

Ran by an extremely experienced husband and wife team (Graham and Jacqui), there’s more than meets the eye to Wild Earth Yarns. Graham has been a textile engineer for over 46 years and has amassed an impressive array of machinery that can tackle anything you throw at it. Jacqui has incredible knowledge about finishing techniques and is always on hand with great advice. The combination of the couple’s love for textiles and Graham’s engineering mindset has turned Wild Earth Yarns into the sort of mill we’d been looking for since we started. The mixing of the creative and the mathematical in this mill spoke to us. They are progressive and willing to experiment in ways that we’ve not experienced from other mills. We’re incredibly lucky to have found them.


Take our three latest yarn collections, for example. To get our super-refined ‘Smooth’ yarn to live up to her name, Wild Earth Yarns worked with us to recreate a time-honoured process of gilling 3 times prior to combing then 4 more times after combing (and then prior to spinning as well!). This process aligned the fibres beautifully for processing on semi worsted spinning and made her the incredibly sleek, soft and sophisticated yarn we always knew she could be.


Our popular chunky knit yarn, JOY, is truly unique thanks to Wild Earth Yarns listening to and understanding our brief for what the yarn needed to do. We wanted JOY to be strong, soft and easy to handle, so beginners and experienced knitters alike could enjoy her just the same. Not, as some mills will tell you, the easiest thing to achieve! Luckily for us, our mill isn’t just any mill. By combining worsted and woollen milling processes (double spun woollen, 3 ply twisted), JOY was created. And she’s been spreading JOY ever since.


With our latest new release, ‘Sumptuous’, the key difference lies in the way we’ve dyed her. To get the beautiful even tone and colour consistency you see in ‘Sumptuous’, Wild Earth Yarns switched our dying method to loose stock dying, which created the beautiful end results.


We can’t wait to get onto our next project with this super mill to find out what else they can do! Watch this space – new developments coming soon!

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