How to be a Test Knitter for The Woven Co

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Being a test knitter certainly comes with it’s benefits – and here’s the thing, you don’t need to be a fancy knitter to be the perfect tester.  In fact, we love having newer or developing knitters, rather than just the advanced – thats because when you’re new to phrases, techniques and technical language, you are more inclined to question if the instructions make sense.  So if we had our wish list of testers, it would include those of all levels.

So what makes testing so special?  Well you literally get your hands on a hot new design and pattern before anyone else, how cool is that?  Not only that, but the pattern is free – it’s in draft form, and you are part of the team that mould the final copy.

When it comes to testing, here at The Woven Co I like to do things a little differently… in that I need the pattern tested with the yarns it was designed with. This is an important part of testing, as our yarns are unique and the patterns has been written specifically for it.  So your test knit is as much about checking the flow and accuracy of our new design as it about seeing how the finished object comes out and how the yarn performs.  Reckon you’d like to share feedback on all these elements?

To make it easy, our test knitters get a 10% discount on the wools and tools needed for the pattern- we all love saving money right?

Each pattern calls for up to 5 testers, and we ask that you prioritise this project and get feedback to us within 3 to 4 weeks.  We’d love this to include notes on typos, hard to follows, phrasing and flow, give us your highs and lows and any helpful suggestions are always welcome.

So put up your hands for test knitting when the shout out happens in our group; The Free Range Knitters.  New designs are coming and I’d love you to help me get them all kit ready 🙂



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