Sumptuous 2023, A New Era

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As stocks of the previous batches of Sumptuous disappear it is time to usher in the new… and time to really talk about the things that have changed.

Change, as they say, is the only constant – or perhaps it is evolution?  But whatever we call it, it happens, maybe slowly or maybe in leaps.  I feel like Sumptuous has been brewing a big change that is now that leap of transformation – with a few things left to decide.

And as always, that is where you; the people, come in.  Let’s talk about the changes and work through the final things to complete this update to our fav yarn.

Sumptuous has had some big shake ups, firstly the way she is spun.  No longer a worsted spun yarn, she is now woollen spun in the seriously impressive Woolyarns in Wellington.  The change see this yarn have more haze and less shed, and ultimately less pill.  Now that is cool.  Don’t get me wrong, all natural fibres will fluff and that is all part of the romance of them – but less is preferable right?

In making the change, I also did a thing that I had kept to myself.  I made the wool a touch ‘lighter’.  Now that is actually a massive change and was driven by the fact, as crazy as it sounds, that Sumptuous was “too warm”.  My vision was always centred around the maker’s experience, how the yarn feels while you stitch away… and while I had considered how easy it was to wear (aka no irritations) I had not thought about it being too warm.  I mean what a thing! But it really has been such a warm product that it needed a rethink for everyday wear.  So here we are with a yarn more aligned with the type of knitting you can wear everyday, snuggle under on the couch, keep the teens warm in their uni flats and still wear as warm accessories on the mountains.

For the most part, these changes has made little or no visible difference on the patterns in kits – except for those knit on the larger size needles.  To that end, I will need to retire a few beloved kits as they are not suited to this new era of Sumptuous.

Those departing will be;

But fear not, as with growth comes the new!  I’ve got some great ideas in my head, on the needles and they are destined to be real – but I would love love love to hear from you what patterns you covet…

AND the other thing to discuss is ball size.  As you may well know, Sumptuous was launched as a 75grm ball, allowing the maker to make a whole thing from one ball of wool (yay) but making it niggly to use in the patterns of others.  So, what are you thoughts on ball size?

Now this new Sumptuous is a real stunner, she’s been on my needles now since late last year and I really rate her, she knits well, shows her stitch textures, drapes, shines, hazes and has all those delicious squishy yum yum feels.  I’m so stoked on the new range of colours and there is one more little surprise coming, so you gots to stay tuned!

Drop in your thoughts and feedback, help me continue to make and grow the Peoples Favourite Yarn



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