What’s your knitting vibe?

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Knity-vibes are mostly in three flavours, which is yours?


New or pretty new, maybe making a come back or you just like it Easy As


Fast, quick to knit, maybe something Funky (as in fun + chunky) / bold


Maybe a longer knit, something to concentrate more on / learn new things

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And then the makes tend to fit into projects for the home, for the little humans, for gifting or for wearing… so to that I say, let’s browse some options!

Easy as

Maybe you’re new, like super new, or kinda new, or making a comeback… or just wanting to create with low brain input!  I feel ya, I like a lot of my knitting in this space… and y’know the business was really founded on this value.  Less hard and scary, more fun and doey.  I believe that finishing a project, that enjoyed making, and comes out awesome, is actually the magic combo!  I’m don’t love looking at complex patterns crammed into small print formats, they pickle my brain and actually turn off my creativity!

Want to see what’s suitable for the newbs, the easy lovers, here are some simple stitches >>


Oh yeah, it’s FUN and it’s CHUNKY and best of all, it’s super FAST knitting!  Go big and get ‘er done!  This is for you bold lovers, the inpatients, the time poor, the one and dones, and the those who love yummy big knits!  And like above, I say let’s keep this easy as too – so y’know you can be seeking out a first time knit that is FAST and gives you the finishing thrills without making you climb a woolly mountain.  Plus you can totally pump a finished object out in a weekend, oh yeah!

Want to see what’s happening for the quicky not tricky lovers, here are some fast makes >>


What about slowing down and putting down your device, calming your mind into a longer knit with things to gently focus on – like stitch patterns and learning a new thing or two.  Your brain will thank you, that’s for sure!  Don’t be scared to makey mistakey, that is all part of the handmaking journey, it’s not supposed to be perfect, it is supposed to be personal.  My style of patterns are not heavy on the complex, but I certainly can give you some pretty stitches, or fresh ideas to shapping to capture your attention and help you turn off the brain to all that life noise. … and I have a few guest patterns from some super talented NZ designers that lift up into that more intermediate level, so yeah you can fully take yourself up the levels too!

Want to see what’s got a little more something something for makers, here are some journey makes >>

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