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Hello!  Michelle here, founder and creative behind The Woven Co…

You might not realise it, but this is a one-woman business (with the help of friends and my little human)… And in a world of change and uncertainty, now more than ever, we all need businesses like this small but mighty one – and I need you.

So let me open up a little bit about who I am, what my life is like, and why I pour my heart and soul into The Woven Co.

I’m a 40 something determined single mother raising a lion-hearted little man in the rural town of Wanaka.  It’s a picturesque town, nestled in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  Our landscape features towering snow capped peaks, soaring hills and mountains, crystal lakes, fast flowing rivers with plenty of sunshine and smiles.  We are a town with much soul, no traffic lights and no fast food.  We hope to stay this way – but change is on the horizon.  The secret is out, and many, with all that is going on, will move to this happy place.  I myself moved here some 8 years ago, when the little guy was a little baby.  Gave up the city life for the great outdoors.  It is both a privilege and a real challenge to live and raise my son here.  I’m passionate about our lifestyle and making a life where we both can thrive here, hence the driving force behind starting this business.  I want to build a business that helps us, helps our country, helps our wool industry and helps our people.  I believe in what I do with all the bones in my body.  I believe in wool, I believe in NZ made and most specifically I believe in knitting.

It’s a vulnerable experience standing in a room of mostly men, discussing business ventures and investments, and introducing the notion that knitting and NZ made wool yarns is a thing.  To date I’m not sure I’ve found a way to really put across my vision and purpose to these strategists – so I pretty much shelved the idea of external support.  Well at least for now,  and what that means is that I am entirely self funded – which is no small feat when you have a young child and a mortgage to pay.  Every decision I make is a leap of faith, it is scary but I do have faith.

The last two years have been a real rollercoaster, featuring a lot of personal changes and uncertainty, growth and challenges.  But they have crystallised my vision and galvanised my resolve to forge ahead with my vision and dream.

So here we are.  2021.  Filled with ideas, goals, motivation and belief somehow I’m going to pull this together – are you with me?

The Woven Co, I believe, are the makers of New Zealand’s best knitting yarns and knitting kits.  I believe this because I know the entire supply chain to be ethical, the wool yarns are incredible, my colours are different, modern and my designs are fresh and makeable.  For me this is about making knitting FUN, EASY and ACCESSIBLE. This is all about getting people knitting and having a LOVELY time.  This about building a COMMUNITY founded on love and support, encouragement and inclusion.  This is about crafting with love, and bringing in all the magic of hand-making something special into our world.

You know I’ve been told a few times I make knitting cool, and while I’m not sure about that (being the weird and awkward person I am) I do believe I have and can continue to connect a whole new audience with knitting.  Be it the designs, the colours, the wools, the values… or the fact that people like YOU, actually do want to handcraft and find JOY in what I offer.  That you value and enjoy what I value and work so hard to deliver.

Anyhooo, that’s the business stuff, how about the lifestyle stuff?  Sometimes I get behind on my jobs, the emails, the pattern updates, the design releases, the socials…. just know it’s because I’m doing Mum stuff (and sometimes I even do things just for myself, can you imagine!)… so below are a few snaps from the life I share with my little guy…. And maybe if you are interested, I can give a few updates as the year unfolds.
We live a life rich with the outdoors and adventures – especially biking and snowsports…. Wanaka sure is an amazing place 🙂

Thank you for your support, it really does mean the world to us


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  • Roz Olsen

    Sumptuous is the most wonderful wool and a real delight to knit! Thank you Michelle for bringing it to us.

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