The Woven Co Ambassador Programme

Become an ambassador for the Woven Co! To build this business I need help, I need customers just like you to advocate for the things you make – and me being me, I’ve found it hard to ask for reviews and recommendations.  This business is so personal, and all that I do is so personal, […]


 ARE YOU KEEN TO UP YOUR KNITTING GAME? Introducing The Woven Co Knit Shops! Hosted in the most delightful of space; Revology Concept Store in the heart of Wanaka I’ve made 4 sets of skills sessions, maybe you need to learn all the things in the set, or refine just one – like seaming.  That’s […]

My Intentions for this Business

What are my intentions for this business? That is a good question to ask myself again now, and it’s been a minute since I really considered this – and now that I have I feel very pleased.  Pleased because it has changed so much in someones and so little in others. Here is the short […]

Funding by THE PEOPLE (2023 + 2024 Projects)

Funding by THE PEOPLE - 2023 + 2024 Projects Approaching investment into producing fine yarns exclusively in NZ with no need to knit or stash! >> REGISTER YOUR INTEREST BELOW<<  Background The Woven is a small NZ business founded and managed by founder; Michelle Joy.  The heart of the business has always been keeping production [...]

Knitting Wellbeing – A Personal Update

Let’s talk about knitting for health, and healthy knitting… this is an update from my personal perspective Late last year I (Michelle) experienced a health scare (and it was scary) and the impacts of that continue to ripple through my life… which brings me here to this subject with you.   Knitting has been both part […]

NZ Made Knitting Yarns Wool Shop in Wanaka

SEPTEMBER 2023 SCHEDULE: It is with much delight that I confirm THE WOVEN Co will remain in Revology Concept Store in the HEART of Wanaka township – and yeah I’ll be there too! So if you are in Wanaka, or can be in Wanaka – come seeeee meeee! I’m here to talk all things KNITTING, […]

Marlene Darted UPDATED to a Vest!

Well sometimes as a designer you have a real YAHOO moment, and that my friends is me today! I was thoroughly delighted when I made the original design for Marlene Darted, the way it flowed together was something of mythical dreams hahaha… and now THIS has happened – so yeah, I am STOKED! I knew […]

Sumptuous 2023, A New Era

As stocks of the previous batches of Sumptuous disappear it is time to usher in the new… and time to really talk about the things that have changed. Change, as they say, is the only constant – or perhaps it is evolution?  But whatever we call it, it happens, maybe slowly or maybe in leaps.  […]

Funding by THE PEOPLE (Smooth + Silky)

Funding by THE PEOPLE - Smooth + Silky Approaching investment into producing fine yarns exclusively in NZ with no need to knit or stash! >> see funding here for smooth and silky  Background The Woven is a small NZ business founded and managed by one lady; Michelle Joy.  The heart of the business has always [...]

Sumptuous 2022 Limited Release Range Pre-Sales (Fund Up)

Craving a fresh palette of colours to play with? Well here is your chance to add to the current range or build a new tonal story! New colour Menu: Indigo (rich and vibrant blue) | Flossie (soft light pink) | Tropical (vibrant turquoise) | Storm (very dark tone of Rain) | Light Rain (light tone […]

Sumptuous by The Woven Co 2022 Updates

Sumptuous by The Woven Co 2022 Updates Hello hello!  Recently I did some surveying of your opinions on making Sumptuous in super limited edition colours (along with our fav neutral tones) and generally opened the discussion on this yarn to gain feedback from the community…. and what a response! We call her the People’s Fav […]

A NEW Luscious Yarn is Brewing

A NEW LUSCIOUS YARN PRE ORDERS – FUND UP PROJECT Ok friends, putting yourself out there for help is always a total leap of faith… and this time the jump is HUGE A new luscious yarn is brewing… This new yarn is the start of a new frontier in my production of NZ made wools […]

Evolving as a Designer

Here is some straight talk for you; I never intended to be a knitwear designer.  In fact I never intended to be a yarn producer, but here we are….  Now it would be fair to say my accidental step into knitwear design has been a learning journey. The whole way through this process my focus […]

What a Does a KNITTER Looks Like…?

You are such a granny!’ Fellow knitters, I’ll bet you’ve all heard that eye-roller while happily clicking your needles. Apart from being demeaning to grannies, it’s stale old drivel that hints at sexism and ageism, that older women are unadventurous or uncool. I craft most days of my life and no, I’m not a ‘Granny’. […]

Pattern Tester Call – A Monique Knitted Top

CALLING FOR PATTERN TESTERS! Introducing a Monique Knitted Top! 1st designed and off the needles back in 2021 – but forgotten about in the madness of the year.  I had taken this cutie along with a few other designs off (and on) the needles to my local knitting gang at Revology in Wanaka.  My core […]

Merry KNIT’Mas

MERRY KNIT'MAS 💚💜💛🧡 Hello to you all! I am so very very excited for the holidays, I cannot wait to take my little (not so little now) human away for a big exciting road trip around the South Island.  This is his Christmas present from me, and I've been saving up all year to make this [...]

Why are Limeade and Iris Sumptuous a Different Size?

Why are Limeade and Iris Sumptuous a Different Size? Smaller Balls? Yes, the two new shades of 2021; Limeade and Iris, have been made into 50grm balls not the standard Sumptuous size of 75grms. This was definitely not planned, but in life mistakes happen and this is one we are going to roll with.  To […]

Social Blog: Today is Subscriptions Day

Today is Subscriptions day – or more specifically working on the schedule of things for all my lovely customers subscribed to monthly packs… and part of that is making sure I have supporting content (like helpful video tutorials) in place So today I get the stunning new Iris on the needles to make a video […]

Social Blog: Today is Patterns Day

Today is patterns day Every second weekend I take a day to work on patterns, this always feels like a privilege of time – even though designing, writing and producing patterns is a key element of this little business. With no time during the working week, and evenings spent with my little bean, my friends, […]

Social Blog: Lockdown Stash Buster!

Lockdown stash buster challenge! I’ve just loaded up this free pattern – it’s for a ‘basic beanie’ but my challenge to YOU is to make it your own Why don’t you have a play with some colours (great for using up ends) and even textures? Share your makes in our group; The Free Range Knitters, […]

Sumptuous Pre Order NOW OPEN for Limeade and Iris

Want to get your hands on some Limeade and Iris Sumptuous, you bet you do! Production is confirmed and we are cracking on with these two epic colours…. so I need YOUR help…. Getting these colours from the dyed luscious fleece and into big squishy balls of happiness needs some serious investment, and that my […]

Welcome to Your Woolly Surprise

I can’t believe this is FINALLY happening!  Two years I’ve been working on a subscription model, but wanting to make sure it was WANTED and enjoyed, to remove obstacles and issues and really delivery something of value to SURPRISE and DELIGHT! And here it is folks! WOOLLYSURPRISE.COM So who loves surprises?  How bout I send […]

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