What is a Sweater Stone? And Will It Really Save My Knits?

Likely all of our knitwear and natural fibre garments we own will at some point be covered in tiny little pills – or worse. As hand knitters we dread the pieces that were knit for that ‘comfy-yet-sophisticated’ vibe looking somewhat disheveled.  Especially if we have worked with special yarns. Now there are options for depilling, […]

Can I buy just the Pattern?

Who knew I would end up being a knitwear designer and pattern writer?  I sure didn’t!  And you know what, I LOVE it.  That said, it’s important to know that I only design patterns to work with my own lines of knitting yarns AND I love seeing the wools I’ve carefully designed used in the […]

How to have confidence shopping with The Woven Co

So here we are, online shopping for wools and knitting kits – it’s a bold new world…. BUT how do you know the squish is real?  For me shopping online for wool hasn’t always been a success, sometimes the colour isn’t what I thought and worse sometimes the wool isn’t all that great. As a […]

Caring for your Wools

Lets get to the bottom of the top three questions for caring for your wools: Are they machine washable? Will they pill? How do I look after my hand knit? 1. Are they Machine Washable? The quick answer is “no” but lets explore what that means…. here at the Woven Co we make natural yarns, […]

Welcome to Knitting, A Guide for Beginners

Welcome to Knitting!  Let us help guide you on your journey learning to knit - whether this is a return after many years, or a new journey, we are delighted to help. Getting Started My most commonly asked question for new knitters, is "Where to Start?"... so let me share my thoughts.  I think learning [...]

Why Polwarth Wool?

When you are choosing fibres to make the ultimate NZ wool yarns, you have some very good options – but in our humble opinion, you can’t go past the incredible fibre from our Polwarth Sheep. Our NZ bred Polwarth are very genetically similar to our famous Merino, so we can call them cousins… but the […]

How to be a Test Knitter for The Woven Co

Being a test knitter certainly comes with it’s benefits – and here’s the thing, you don’t need to be a fancy knitter to be the perfect tester.  In fact, we love having newer or developing knitters, rather than just the advanced – thats because when you’re new to phrases, techniques and technical language, you are […]

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