Inside Out Beanie Free Knitting Pattern

This pattern is designed to get you into colour-work without any stress or complication! You will knit the hat one way THEN turn inside out for the very cool stitch work to appear. Perfect wee concept for using up your left-over ends... so follow the pattern, or go off piste! Happy knitting! Pattern Level: Beginner+ [...]

Basic Beanie Free Knitting Pattern

This pattern is designed to get you knitting in the round and add decreases to your knitting skills. This is a wonderful template of beanie (tammy, hat) to experiment with as your skills grow - but also the perfect beanie foundation piece to add your own flair! Pattern Level: Beginner+ Estimated Knit Time: Under 4 [...]

Sweet Baby Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Booties can be made in a fun two-toned version as shown or you can knit in one colour. This is a great template design to make your own with colours, pom-pom’s, tassels etc. It will be perfect for using up the left overs! Pattern Level: Intermediate Estimated Knit Time: Under 4 hours Skills: Knit, Purl cast [...]

Simple Ribbed Cowl (Neck Warmer) Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

Simple Ribbed Cowl (Neckwarmer) is a free knitting pattern for beginners Wanting to create patterns that help beginners add skills was the driving force behind this pattern - and like so many of my patterns, this is a great template to knit again and again adding your own flair. Simple Ribbed Cowl is a great [...]

Twinset Blankets – Free Knitting Pattern

Twins!  Every little baby deserves a blanket they know as they're own, clearly recognisable... but how cute to make something matchy not-matching for two little babies taking on life together.  When a very special friend of mine found out she was having twins, my mind got racing with this is idea.  Now these two little [...]

Scraggle Scarf (Blanket) – Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

It has been on my mind to make an "easy" level knitting project that would suit a bunch of people in a bunch of different situations.  My mind always goes back to the times I sat beside in the hospital, feeling comforted by my hands working a steady rhythm on the needles.  There are times [...]

Elle-Gator (Hat + Neck-warmer) Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

Elle-Gator (Hat + Neckwarmer) is our free knitting pattern for beginners In the face of all that is overwhelming and out of our control, we here at The Woven Co have been focused on creating easy and accessible patterns so we can get knitting. Introducing; The Elle-Gator Elle (said Ellie) was my room mate here [...]

One T Beanie Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

One T Beanie (Hat ) is our free knitting pattern for beginners + Beanies, or knitted hats if you prefer, are always useful - making them the perfect quick knit and gift.  Especially here in our alpine town Wanaka as we head into our snowy months.  The thing with knitting for heads though, is getting [...]

Wee Noggin (Baby Hat) – Free Knitting Pattern

Wee Noggin (Baby Hat ) is our free knitting pattern for beginners + Knitted beanies, hats, headwarmers, tammies or whatever you prefer to call them, are a staple in any wardrobe, and an absolute necessity for a baby. This pattern was created as a quick simple knit, and also a template for creative design. Introducing; [...]

Simple Bunny Free Knitting Pattern

Simple Bunny is our free knitting pattern for beginners When learning to knit, the question often is, where to start? Well lets make that an easy answer - with a little knitted square that can become a very cute little bunny!  It's a fun knit that is simple and easy to do with any wool [...]

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