Hello!  Michelle here, founder and creative behind The Woven Co, my job is to make happy knitters and knitters happy!

Welcome to my woolly world, I hope you find something to make your hands busy and your heart happy 🙂

The Woven Co makes NZ’s best knitting yarns and knitting kits… I know big claim right?  But once you’ve had these incredible fibres in your hands and on your needles, I think you might just agree!

This small but mighty business is 100% locally NZ made, founded on love and ethics, from the farm to the finished yarns.

Happy making ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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FARRAH the most exciting luxury throw knit along in NEW SMOOTH & SILKY Merino

Taking the cosy chic to the next level of elegance with a ROUND throw – knit from the middle out with increasing stitches and playful design.  Super sized simple lace and other textures will have your heart and hands singing as you go on a real knitty adventure!

Join the new HOT make-along for this stunning BIG luxury throw!

THROW blankets are wonderful for elevating a room, motorhome or caravan.  They add colour, texture and soak up excess sound, while giving you something to relax into.

And because it’s fun to knit together as crafty friends – this is now available as a big knit along!

9 packs delivered to your door – you control the speed

~Farrah Knit Along Details Here ~.   or see the FULL KIT Here

Farrah Luxury Silky Throw Blanket by The Woven Co

🍀 M E G A Spring CLEARNACE 🐣

NZ Made Knitting Yarns // Knitpro // The Knitting Barber // Crossover Industries // AND MORE!
Spring you absolute delight, time to turn over a new leaf here at The Woven Co, so I can hatch my new ideas… and yeah I need cashflow to do that!
 These things are LOVELY things and they deserve to be used, crafted, ENJOYED – and sitting round at my place they are just stuck. So here we go, I’m setting free these beauties to go live their best life…
PLEASE grab yourself a guilt free bargain, give these wondrous things a good life by being in YOUR life – and just know you are helping me get on with the new chapter that lays ahead.
Yay us


Bobby Dazzler Vest NB to 2yo


Ripples + Texture Knit Blanket V1

The Collective Yarn is an emerging entity developed to assist our NZ wool + hand knitting market. The goal is to provide products and support services over a number of areas that have been neglected and/or devalued – with a view to ensure the availability of ethical NZ made yarns and yarn bases at fair and sustainable prices.

Natural Base; Merino + Alpaca
Natural Base; Merino + Silk

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How to Knit One Purl One (K1, P1) rib


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Welcome to Knitting – A Guide For Beginners

Let us help guide you on your journey learning to knit – whether this is a return after many years, or a new journey, we are delighted to help.

My most commonly asked question for new knitters, is “Where to Start?”
Read my guide here…

Learning anything new will go differently for different people, but it is fair to expect your first piece to grow slowly, have some impromptu holes and gain extra stitches.  This is completely normal for new knitters.  I like the idea that you will only ever have one FIRST ever piece, and that piece will show your knitting journey from cast on to cast off.  You will see your progress in this piece and it will never look like anyone else’s!  Embrace the learning marks, plus holes in your knitting and straggles of wool are very on trend 🙂

And don’t forget to check out the FREE PATTERNS!  Great options for beginners in there.

Learn to knit
READ>> Beginner's Guide to Knitting



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Hello, I’m Michelle

Hello!  Michelle here, founder and creative behind The Woven Co… You might not realise it, but this is a one-woman business (with the help of friends and my little human)… And in a [...]

  • I really loved The Woven Co pack that I ordered and really enjoyed how beautiful the yarn was to knit with, and I will be ordering more!

    Sally, South Australia
  • After many years of not knitting, I have finished a small blanket with Sumptuous wool, loved the feel and colours of this wool, really like the Woven Co experience

    Michelle, Ranfurly NZ
  • Lovely products that the world needs to hear about

    Morfia, Melbourne Australia
  • Price was great and the speed of communication and delivery was awesome, so happy!

    Sabrine, Christchurch NZ
  • I think you're doing a great job!  In love patterns that are easy/intermediate with a more modern look

    Joann, MA United States
  • I love your wool and patterns!

    Janet, Canberra Australia
  • Excellent service and beautiful products.  My throw is warm and luxurious

    Shona, Christchurch NZ
  • Sumptuous by name, sumptuous by nature! There are no words to describe how much I LOVE this yarn!! To anyone unsure, just buy it and fall in love with it xx

    Chloe, Otago NZ
  • I know I can order anytime and will get great service and beautiful wool

    Susie, NSW Australia
  • Beautiful wool with friendly patterns

  • Ordering from The Woven Co was straight forward and easy to do.  Mine was an international order (from Australia) and The Woven kept in touch from the time of order until dispatch, with my yarn arriving approximately a week later.  I can highly recommend ordering from The Woven their yarn is scrumptious and so worth the effort.

    Marika, Aus


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