My Intentions for this Business

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What are my intentions for this business?
That is a good question to ask myself again now, and it’s been a minute since I really considered this – and now that I have I feel very pleased.  Pleased because it has changed so much in someones and so little in others.
Here is the short story – but if you are interested to see them all, I’ve attached photos below 🙂

Turns out my intentions were written in a smooth outpouring across 4 pages and with that, 4 over arching areas.  4 is not a number that comes up much for me, so I find this very curious.

Anyhoo, 1st download was around my person space, my income and ability to support my son as a single mum.  It covers my desired to demonstrate tangibly to my son how an ethic business redefines ‘success’, and remains still as focused as ever on building a private LOCAL enterprise centred around NZ made products.
Highlight from this page: To build a business that is a legacy for my son, to show my son what success (with ethics) looks like

2nd download from the brain had me revisiting creativity (the big WHY) of the business and how I see my role in inspiration, accessibility, creative expression and creative freedom.  My desire to re-design and re-imagine and set a pledge to really solve the ‘size inclusion’ design riddle.
Highlight from this page: To develop patterns & present patterns that are a ‘safe pair of hands’ for all crafters, making knitting accessible, inclusive & enjoyable

3rd was as focused as ever on making beautiful products that craft and WEAR well – and a neat addition to that was building on the accessible side; how to make a range of ethical and beautiful products more accessible in their price.
Highlight from this page: To bring colour to the lives of many

4th was a neat new dive into what community looks, feels and functions like.  From free patterns to online knit groups, tutorials,  to social enterprise and what can I do to give back – with the last intention being to generally make a happier life for all.

From here I can run all decisions and actions against my intentions to make sure I am on track – cool right?

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