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Who knew I would end up being a knitwear designer and pattern writer?  I sure didn’t!  And you know what, I LOVE it.  That said, it’s important to know that I only design patterns to work with my own lines of knitting yarns AND I love seeing the wools I’ve carefully designed used in the best possible way….. ultimately I’ve designed the patterns to sell the wool, which means I’m not designing them to sell separately.

Now this might seem a little frustrating if you’re just after a pattern.  I get that.  Sometimes more than a little frustrating – I’ve certainly had some confronting feedback on this – so please let me explain my reasoning.

My wools, especially Sumptuous, are quite different to the average ball of knitting yarn.  They will knit differently, puff and drape, gauge and run meterage differently.  When I sell the pattern knowing that a substitute yarn is to be used, I know this may not create a happy outcome for the knitter.  That doesn’t sit with me.  I want the maker of one of my designs to have a good time, and a huge element is working with my speciality made yarns.  I also don’t want to be trouble shooting issues arising from yarn substitution, to be frank, I am a yarn producer and I would like to invest my time supporting my own products.

Hopefully you can understand where I am coming from on this.

However once you have the pattern, it’s not up to me what wools you use in the future – but I hope you will always have had that first knit of the design as a good one to reflect back on 🙂

Now it’s worth me acknowledging that my yarns are not always in everyone’s taste or budgets; they are an artisan product that has had a lot of care and thought in their production, they align with very considered values and standards… and that puts them at a certain price point.  I also have a certain style to my colour palettes, and it’s not for everyone.  So I understand that you may have seen a design you are really keen to make (thank you, I find that very very flattering as the designer!) and you would really just like the pattern so you can use up your stash, or another wool you’ve got eyed up.  I get it, you just don’t want to buy the kit right now, and I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have decided all that effort and expense of designing and producing patterns is ultimately to sell the yarn with them – so I that is why I do not sell the patterns separately.

Please know that I do release the free patterns on my blog, these good options for using up the left over wools from other kits and using other yarns in your stash too! 




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  • Denise Moore

    Hi, when does your blue grey midriff sweater kit arrive. Regards Denise

  • Michelle Stewart

    Hi love
    I’m working on the pattern now, so testing call will happen soon, then we should be live in about 5 weeks

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