Welcome to Knitting, A Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to Knitting! 

Let us help guide you on your journey learning to knit – whether this is a return after many years, or a new journey, we are delighted to help.

We are putting together kit suggestions for your learning levels and loading up tutorials to teach and help… this is very much a work in progress, and your feedback is appreciated.

Getting Started

My most commonly asked question for new knitters, is “Where to Start?”… so let me share my thoughts.  I think learning is best served in a smaller achievable project,  get the piece done and do the happy dance so you can build confidence.  Learning just the knit stitch first will build a solid foundation, the repetition will move you through the awkward feeling you get holding the needles and moving the wool.  Working with slightly bigger needles (ideally 5mm to 6mm) will help you see what you are doing without the needles feeling like big clumsy chopsticks.  And last piece of advice, make something you really want as that will help you stick to it when it feels tricky, fiddly or confusing.

Total Beginner Project Suggestions

These projects are all made with just one ball of Sumptuous, using just the knit stitch, both are a great place to start your knitting journey:

Simple Bunny Knit Kit
Elle-Gator Knit Kit
Boyfriend Beanie Knit Kit

Supporting Tutorials

Check out our resources for our How to Knit Basics and some info on How to Knit with Circular Needles that we use in our kits; for these patterns you can reference How to Setup your Needles and How to Knit Flat

Coming soon will be some support tutorials to help you with accidental stitch gains and dropped stitches, here is how to Knit Backwards to undo

Building Confidence as a Beginner

This might be where you go next after your first project, but it also might be where you get started – as everyone’s learning is unique.  Let me suggest some bigger projects, working with colour changes and even working with two balls of wool at once (known as two strand) to make a big squishy fast growing project.  This level is still using just our friend the knit stitch, and really we are looking for you to get super comfortable before bringing in our other good friend; purl stitch.

Beginner Level Project Suggestions

Working just with knit stitch:

Supporting tutorials building on the above are; Changing Colour (working flat), Working Two Strands, Sewing in Your Ends

Building Skills as a Beginner

First stop is adding purl to the mix, but you also might want to try knitting in the round, or take a full adventure with the braided snood!

You’ll find more supporting tutorials in our library here

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