My Intentions for this Business

What are my intentions for this business? That is a good question to ask myself again now, and it’s been a minute since I really considered this – and now that I have I feel very pleased.  Pleased because it has changed so much in someones and so little in others. Here is the short […]

Sumptuous 2023, A New Era

As stocks of the previous batches of Sumptuous disappear it is time to usher in the new… and time to really talk about the things that have changed. Change, as they say, is the only constant – or perhaps it is evolution?  But whatever we call it, it happens, maybe slowly or maybe in leaps.  […]

The Big FUND UP Initiative

The Big FUND UP Initiative - March 2021 Michelle here, founder and creator at the Woven Co, I’d like to please ask for your help…. as a one-woman business, self funded, I can get a little cashflow strapped when it comes to production… You see my production cycle is a long one, and all the [...]

The Woven Co is a Small Batch Producer

The Woven Co is a small batch producer – what does that even mean?   Artisanal, that’s a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, and I think people have different opinions on what it means – but I think the general impression is that it is something that will cost more and [...]

Hello, I’m Michelle

Hello!  Michelle here, founder and creative behind The Woven Co… You might not realise it, but this is a one-woman business (with the help of friends and my little human)… And in a world of change and uncertainty, now more than ever, we all need businesses like this small but mighty one – and I […]

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