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So here we are, online shopping for wools and knitting kits – it’s a bold new world…. BUT how do you know the squish is real?  For me shopping online for wool hasn’t always been a success, sometimes the colour isn’t what I thought and worse sometimes the wool isn’t all that great.

As a natural fibre yarn producer I am passionate about the ‘handle’ and ‘wear’ of my product – but how do I get that sense of quality and experience across in the digital shopping world we live in?  I mean I can tell you it’s good, I can explain why, but how can you be confident?

So lets have a bit of chat about the products and the options for you, my online shopper.

Firstly let me be very very clear, you are welcome to return your product for a full refund – you don’t have to explain why.  I know that situations change, or expectations can be different to reality, or you just don’t love it.  I’m not here to give you a grill about it, I might ask for helpful feedback, but I won’t be offended.  I just ask that you let me know within the week you receive it, and then get it back to me in the next week, and that it be in a resale-able condition.

Second to that, is what if you start making and you don’t like it?  Well then I definitely need to hear about that, and we need to figure out how to solve the problem.  For example, you might start working on the project and decide you’re not loving the pattern – perhaps I can find another option for you?  Or maybe you start knitting but ultimately the colours aren’t making you happy – I would really really not want you to continue making something without the joy of creation.  I would want to figure out a swap / change and get that smile back on your dial.  So you need to let me know, so I can help, and it maybe that you return what you can for a refund.

And thirdly, what if you have left overs or need a touch more?  Sometimes I am able to send out the pesky amount you are short by, from my left overs stash – so lets start there.  For those with full balls left over (and in resale-able condition) I am happy to chat about exchanges and returns for refund.  Part of that will depend on the batch and availability of the product – please just get in touch.  Chances are there is someone keen for that one ball of a colour gone or older batch – so you might just make someone else’s day.

Returns policy for full refund is within 14 days of receipt and in resale-able condition, return freight is at your expense.  

Changed my mind policy is to get in touch as soon as you can and let me work out a solution, unused product may be returned for full refund, return freight is at your expense.

Returning leftovers policy is case by case, please just get in touch, I will do my best to accomodate you.

So with the option to return things, I hope that give you confidence to order something – especially if you have never shopped with me before.    I’m working on getting more testimonials up on the website, more product reviews (so you can dig a little deeper for feedback) and I am contactable for questions and advise – great for help choosing kits and colours.  You are also welcome to jump into our FB community group, filled with people just like you, and ask the community a question about the colours, wools, patterns, experience etc.  Chances are someone there has worked with wool or pattern and can give you their thoughts.

If you are nervous about online shopping in general and need to know I am a real person with a real business, I totally understand that you’d like to verify first.  You can email me, call me, or even jump into the community and ask the other crafters about their experience.  It’s ok to check first, and I respect you for doing so.

And lastly if you are just keen for a little sample of something, to check the feel / colour / gauge – just let me know.  Hopefully I can sort something out for you.

Anyhoo, hope that helps!  If you have shopped with The Woven Co and loved it – why don’t you leave a product review in the shop, that will really help.  And if you email me a testimonial, I’ll add it to site too!



Helpful links:

Free Range Knitters – the FB community group for The Woven Co

Email Michelle; [email protected]

And returns to:

The Woven Co
33 Glen Dene Crescent

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