Sweater Stone


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This super convenient little block removes pilling and renews knitwear naturally. The Sweater Stone is made of natural pumice that quickly lifts away pilling and revitalises all your knits!

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What is a Sweater Stone—And Will It Really Save My Knits?

Likely all of our knitwear and natural fibre garments we own will at some point be covered in tiny little pills – or worse. As hand knitters we dread the pieces that were knit for that ‘comfy-yet-sophisticated’ vibe looking somewhat disheveled.  Especially if we have worked with special yarns.

Now there are options for depilling, including the method of carefully combing over the knits with a razor blade. And while this works to remove the fuzz without pulling apart the weave, there is the risk of nicking a thread and unravelling your piece.  Which I have done, twice.

Ultimately we are looking for the ability to clean up fuzzy, pilled fabric, and even remove pet fur – safely and easily!

So let me introduce your natural Sweater Stone; it looks like a piece of black stone (in fact is made of natural pumice). As you gently brush it along the surface of the knits and fabrics, it picks up pills and collects fuzz. In user reviews,  people rave about its defuzzing abilities and agree this little tool is well is well worth the small investment. As one reviewer points out, many dry cleaners use these to de-pill clothing, but they charge a lot more for it.

So it might seem weird, but once you’ve had a go, you’ll be onboard!


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