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The Big FUND UP Initiative – March 2021

Michelle here, founder and creator at the Woven Co, I’d like to please ask for your help…. as a one-woman business, self funded, I can get a little cashflow strapped when it comes to production… You see my production cycle is a long one, and all the dollars get caught up in various stages and right now my reserves are not strong enough to finish producing the hot new LIME and IRIS (purple) in Sumptuous.

Take a look at those colours!

Without a capital boost, the dyed fleece (currently sitting in my neighbours garage) will not be processed and worse, likely perish and be un-spinable.  Ah the challenges of operating a production business… Anyhooo that’s where you come in, if you fancy helping that is – think of it like crowd funding, but instead it’s our Woven Community Funding.  The plan is to do some initiatives that raise revenue especially for this project.  I’ll be posting more about the ideas and goals as we go.

Order a Voucher and get a BONUS Top Up From Me!

For the first part of my new initiative; Help me FUND UP, I bring you Fund Up Vouchers.  Now these are super special because with your voucher you get a top up in value from me as a big kissy thankyou! You can gift on a voucher (I can print something pretty and personalised to send) or you can ‘stash’ your voucher for when something takes your fancy.  And with the kits and designs coming through, I’m sure something will grab your woolly heart soon!  YAY.

Now vouchers work like a credit on the online store, and you don’t need to use them all up in one go, the fancy thing does maths and all.

Now the vouchers will not be available for use on the other FUND UP offers, otherwise I’ll go backwards not forwards…


There are more steps to this initiative – and I will keep you updated… including pre-sales of the new colours… but in the mean time, please, if you can, will you help me FUND UP?



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