Elle-Gator (Hat + Neck-warmer) Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

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Elle-Gator (Hat + Neckwarmer) is our free knitting pattern for beginners

In the face of all that is overwhelming and out of our control, we here at The Woven Co have been focused on creating easy and accessible patterns so we can get knitting.

Introducing; The Elle-Gator
Elle (said Ellie) was my room mate here in Wanaka,  and needed to make the trip home to the states.  So to calm her nerves and focus on being creatively active, I  developed this pattern for her – and our wider community. The plan was a nice easy rhythmic knit that could make something lovely and wearable – from just one ball of wool.

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Elle-Gator Beginning Knitting Kit


1 x Sumptuous 75grm (150m)

Knit on 5mm flat or circular needles with 60 length

Darning needle

Gauge Approx:
17 to 18 sts per 10cm and 16.5 rows per 10cm

Pattern Notes:
To make this sweet gator, you’ll be knitting flat, both sides of the piece will be the same – so we can say there is no right side and no top or bottom.

Once we have finished knitting and casting off, we will sew the back together, and have the option to sew the top or make it a pull together top.

Piece Measures: 26cm wide by 43 to 47cm around.

Cast On:
Cast on 47 stitches.  I like the long tail cast on (for a good structure and stretch) but you can knit on too. Do what works for you, just try to keep your cast on loose to stop the edge being pulled in – so if you are knitting on, don’t pull the new stitch tight.

You will knit every row, and this is known as Garter Stitch.  I recommend to slip first stitch of every row purl wise, to give the edging a tidy finish. You do this by passing the first stitch off the left needle, onto the right needle, without knitting or purling it. You move it ‘purl wise’ which means the yarn is at the front (or closest to you) as it would be if you were purling, and the right needle takes the stitch in the same movement you would purl. Once passed, you move the yarn to the back ready to knit, which creates a nice tidy twisted edge. You don’t have to do this, it’s just a pretty edge, skip it if you fancy.

Keep knitting until your piece measures between 45cm and 47cm (your head size will help you choose what works for you, and if you are making for a smaller human bean, drop down to 43cm).

Cast off all of your stitches and break your yarn, leaving a tail of 40cm to sew up the back.

Seam your cast on and cast-off edges together. I recommend doing this by looping the yarn side to side through stitches – like you are lacing them up.

This method will avoid making a seam and bring the edges together. I zigzag back and forth between the sides, catching an edge loop, and after I’ve done that for about 5cm, I pull the sewing yarn through bringing the sides together.

Sew your ends in

Option for a pull together top:

Options for a sewn up top:

Elle-Gator Beginning Knitting Kit

Elle-Gator Beginning Knitting Kit

The Woven Co Learn to Knit, seaming
The Woven Co Learn to Knit, seaming
The Woven Co Learn to Knit, seaming
The Woven Co Learn to Knit, seaming
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